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Can you install a new garage door on old tracks with old hardware

On average, a new garage door installation cost is estimated between $750 to $1000. Homeowners think twice before spending such a huge amount and try to cut down this expense. One way of doing this is to install a new garage door on old tracks with old hardware. However, some believe this is not a viable proposition and that it is impossible to use a new garage door on old tracks.

Is reusing the old hardware and tracks a risk to the door? Let the experts from our professional Fort Lauderdale garage door company analyze.

Before we start, know something about the tracks of a garage door

Horizontal tracks

Just like rail tracks, the garage door runs on 2 sets of tracks. Horizontal tracks run parallel to the roof while the vertical ones are parallel to the wall. These 2 sets of tracks join in a smooth curve at the corners to allow the door to open and close smoothly. The tracks are fixed to the door jamb and steel frame with brackets. 

The trucks carry the entire weight of the garage door even up to 300 lbs. The horizontal tracks have roller wheels to help the door to move. 

Garage tracks come in various sizes like 1”, 2”, 3”, etc. For residential garages, 2” is common.

Tracks are unique and specific to each garage door type and brand. You cannot mix and match tracks with different types of garage doors.

The tracks must be free of dust and grime always. They should also not suffer any warping or bending. Have a monthly safety check by a garage door expert for regular maintenance.

Factors to consider while reusing old garage door tracks

Type of garage door

Garage door replacement on old tracks is possible only if you are using the same garage door brand. Each brand has its garage door style that should match the dimensions of the tracks. If you try to use mismatched ones, the track brackets may bend or get misaligned.

Thickness and weight

The new door should have the same weight and thickness as the old one. If not, the horizontal tracks will not be able to support it.

Garage door materials

If your old tracks are of galvanized steel, they are resistant to rust. They can be reused only if their condition is good. But if your garage door is of a lighter material and your tracks are of aluminium, it is better to check their condition before use.

Other key factors

Headroom, location, and operator size are other factors that affect the horizontal tracks.

Even if you do take care of the above factors, any professional garage expert will tell you to replace the tracks when you think of garage door replacement. This is for your potential safety.

Reasons why you must replace your tracks before you install a new garage door

Any reliable garage door installer will insist on replacing your tracks along with the door for the following reasons.

Risk of injury

Old tracks are likely to pose a  hazard to your potential safety. With time, they may warp, bend, or be misaligned.

Damage to the door and garage

Bent tracks may cause the door to suddenly fall. This crash may damage the door, the vehicle, or the garage.

Maximum performance

If you want your new door to function efficiently with less noise, use new tracks. If the tracks are new, they are free from dust and work smoothly on garage door rollers.

Curb appeal

Your entire garage door is as good as new. Do not spoil your garage door’s curb appeal by using old tracks.

Remember, the weight of your garage door is balanced by the tracks. Always replace the tracks before garage door removal.

Have a safety inspection of the tracks once a month by a professional technician. Check them for damage and misalignment. Use new rust-resistant hardware along with steel tracks to avoid common garage issues. Regular service of the tracks by qualified professionals will improve the performance and life of your garage door.

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