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Do you have a question? Check our garage door FAQ right here

There’re many problems that may cause the door of the garage not to open or even open only half way. It’s advisable not to try to fix the door by yourself as this may cause bodily harm or destroy property. Eden Garage doors do fix all door problems. Contact us now to have it fixed immediately!

Majority of garage doors can be painted using some simple procedures. Note that most commercial doors do accommodate powder coating well. Call us for professional for instructions and guidance on the best powder coat colors that will blend well with well with the exterior décor of your home

Yes and no. It’s possible to replace a section of your door, only if the damage is not extensive. However, if the damage is extensive, then you may have to consider having a total door replacement. Call us to assess and evaluate the damage and recommend viable solutions.

R-Value is simply the measure of door’s thermal efficiency determined by the insulating properties. If the insulating properties are greater, the R-Value of the door is higher. Get in touch with us to get a door with the R-value that will meet your needs.

Garage door openers plan an important role in lifting the weight of the door during the opening and closing process. The Horsepower (HP) of the door determines its ability to lift the specific door weight. Call us to assess the door and recommend the best opener.

Absolutely! Modern garage door openers commonly known as the Smart openers are designed to successfully connect and work well with HomeLink system. At Eden Garage Doors, we give access to modern generation openers, install and program them to work with individual client’s HomeLink System.

Yes, it’s possible for you to get a custom door designed for your garage following your specifications. There’re doors available in the market designed with varying styles, colors and materials that you can choose from. Contact us to take you through a gallery tour and assist you make the best door choice.  

You do not need to replace the existing opener as it should work well with the new garage door. However, you need to ensure that the weight of the new door is the same as the one you’re removing. Also, if the opener is old and requires frequent maintenance and repairs, then a replacement is in order. Contact us for an evaluation.

There are three major types of garage door openers depending on their operating system. There’re chain, screw and belt drive openers available in the market. However, the best opener will depend on your individual needs. For example if you don’t want a noisy opener, the ideal choice is a belt drive opener, if you need an opener for a heavy door, go for a screw drive opener and for a tight budget you need to pick a chain drive opener. Contact us for more information.

An unbalanced door causes a lot of strain on the springs, rollers, cables and fasteners causing them to snap or break. When the door is closed, look at the door and if it’s balanced, it should be straight. If not, it needs to be balanced preferably by a professional. Contact us to balance your door safely.

First it’s important to appreciate that a garage door is a huge object with numerous movable parts hence likely to produce some amount of noise. However, tightening the fasteners, lubricating the movable parts, replacing the worn rollers and installing an opener with quieter operations will help reduce the noise. Call us for an evaluation and possible fixing of the problem.

Well, DIY torsion spring installation process is a dangerous affair. The springs operate under intense pressure that can lead to injuries if mishandled. That’s why it’s important to engage a professional to handle the spring installation process.

Yes, smart garage door openers have an option for the user to put the door on Lockdown mode. If unable to lock your door, contact us for a quick check.

Preventive maintenance is important for a high door performance and door parts durability. Engaging a technician to perform garage door maintenance at least once a year is highly recommended. Call Eden Garage Doors for affordable maintenance services.

An insulated garage door goes a long way in reducing energy consumption hence reduced power bills and regulates the air flow through the garage door. This helps a great deal in keeping the house cooler and warmer during summer and winter respectively. Contact us for pocket friendly garage door insulation.

Absolutely! A battery backup enables the garage door opener to function during a power blackout.

The rolling code technology generates a new code after every door operation. It’s important for keyless entries as it helps in keeping hackers off your garage door opener system for tight security.

Yes, repair parts for the garage doors are available in the market. However, you need to know the part you need for a specific door model. Call us for assistance.

It’s advisable to use the lithium or grease based lubricants especially on the rollersspringstrackshinges and any other movable door part.

If the door is opening without anyone having pressed the opener or manually opening it, then there’s a possible short in the transmitter system. This causes signals to open the door to be sent continuously and the problem need to be fixed immediately. Call us now for a timely repair.