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What we have to offer

We are located in South Florida serving customers in All Miami metro. We’re committed to providing the best there is of residential and commercial doors of the garage. We go an extra mile in ensuring that garage owners enjoy high door performance by providing a wide range of accessories and varying services within the state and the environs.

Refurbish your home with a stylish residential garage door

Stylish modern model residential doors are there for your asking. We do not only guarantee quality, but we put an extra effort in ensuring that customers access doors that will lift the face of their homes. You’ve taken that broad step to improve the appearance of your home? Here are the common residential doors:

Custom raised panel garage doors

This door type provides a perfect clean and classic exterior appearance of the home. Contact us for detailed particulars of these doors.

Contemporary garage doors

Craving for a modern 21st century home look? Doors with modern design will do the magic. Call us to view a collection of doors made of aluminum, vinyl and glass materials or for a combination of elements of glass, wood and metal.

Barn Style garage doors

These are basically carriage house door types. They provide a perfect rustic appearance to residential places. If your aesthetic taste is that of mission or craftsman style homes, give as a call for a door that will fit in the current exterior décor of your home.

Get a commercial garage door on budget

We’re here to partner with you and render value added assistance in getting a commercial door that suits your budget. We ensure that our esteemed customers get their desired door types from the leading brands in the market. Some common commercial door types include:

Fire Rated Doors

Need to buy a new door for a warehouse, mill, parking garage or a distribution center? Contact us for a durable fire rated door that suits any door scenario.

Overhead Doors

Having to deal with a limited garage doorway? Call us to guide you on the best overhead doors that will simply rest horizontal to the ceiling once opened.

Scissor Gates

Looking for an ideal door for an exterior entryway? We are here to assist you in getting the best scissor gate for your garage. They slide sideways to open and closes like ordinary doors.

Roll-up doors

These doors are ideals for garages that can’t accommodate the rails of the overhead doors. They simply roll up to a single coil. Call us now for assistance.

A Quick Guide on How to Choose an Ideal Garage Door

You may be well vast with this list of factors to consider when buying a door. Nonetheless, you’ll need an expert to hold your hands and that’s where we come in! We are ready to interpret each element and keep you informed on what it means practically.  Engage us now to take you through the following considerations for a door that suits your expectations:

  • Insulation
  • Security
  • Door model and material it’s made of
  • Durability
  • Maintenance
  • Cost
  • Opener
  • Installation

Give your Door an Affordable Garage Door Opener Update

We make top brand modern model openers accessible to home owners and those in commercial fields. Planning to improve the performance of your door? Contact us for an affordable door opener update. Here are some opener types:

Belt Drive

We recommend this opener for those seeking quieter and smooth garage door operations.

Chain Drive

Need an opener at a tight budget? This type is pocket friendly and requires less maintenance, but a little noisy compared to other opener types. Contact us for guidance.

Direct Drive

Operates with a stationary chain to lift and lower the door. The opener has few movable parts hence needs less maintenance. Call us for this opener if noise elimination is your priority.

Screw Drive

Need an opener for a heavy door? Here’s one for you, just give us a call!

Smart Openers

We guide our esteemed customers on considering this opener option for they can operate the door from whichever location.

Swing out carriage door opener

This opener simply swings the carriage doors outwards to open. Call us for details about this amazing modern opener.

Improve the Garage Door Performance with Quality Services

Installation Services

We do give access and install all types of:

  • Residential and Commercial garage doors
  • Door openers
  • Torsion springs
Repair Services

We do repair:

  • Doors that won’t open fully
  • Crookedly hanging doors
  • Stuck doors
  • Faulty door openers
  • Bent door tracks
  • Snapped cables
Replacement services

Our Fort Lauderdale garage door repair technicians do replace:

    • Old and completely broken garage doors
    • Non-functional garage door openers
    • Broken torsion springs
    • Broken rollers
    • Door cables
    • Hinges, handles and knockers
    • Loose door fasteners
    • Garage door panels
    • Garage door bearing, brackets and plates
    • Opener remote and battery
    • Weather seal
Preventive maintenance

Our maintenance services include:

  • Tightening of fasteners
  • Cleaning and lubrication of the movable door parts
  • Winding of the torsion springs
  • Assessment of overall door and opener performance
  • Garage door balancing
Other Garage Door services
  • Free and accurate estimates for installations, replacements and repairs
  • Professional on-site, live chats, phone and emails consultations
  • On-site assessment for garage door installation services on new and existing projects.

Why Choose Our Services?

We ensure that our customers enjoy numerous privileges that include but not limited to:

  • Value added services
  • Pocket friendly service fees
  • Accurate service quotes with no hidden charges
  • Access to high quality and durable products
  • Access to service coupons with offers
  • Timely and fast service delivery
  • First class customer service
  • Accurate garage door information

Eden Garage Doors, trusted home of garage door repair solutions in Fort Lauderdale!