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Commercial Overhead Garage Doors: For Your Safety

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Signs that your Commercial Garage Door need to be replaced

Commercial garage doors are a best fit for the warehouses, parking for high vehicles. This is because they open and retract into the ceiling of the garage, leaving ample space. This allows the big tracks and large shipment machinery to move in and out with ease. When the door is faulty, it slows the job down lowering productivity or worse become a health and safety hazard to garage users. Here are the signs that the door need to be replaced:

  • Hesitating while opening or closing

Commercial garage door shouldn’t stutter, shake or make some jumbles when opening or closing. Ideally when activated, the door should only hum gently and move gently depending with the door type. In addition, the door shouldn’t stop suddenly if the emergency button is not pressed or the operating system turned off manually. A stuttering door, be checked to establish whether it’s because of tracks that need to be lubricated or a faulty motor.

  • Sluggish door response

Commercial garage door should respond promptly when activated using an automatic opener. Sluggishness shouldn’t be witnessed especially when one is standing near the door. It’s advisable to change the door batteries and check the sensors if they’re functioning. If the door’s response is still slow, a technician should be called in to assess whether there’s need to replace the door.

  • Extensive door damage

Normally, garage doors are made with durable materials for longevity. Similarly, the operating systems and parts installed on them are sturdy in nature to withstand the heavy weight of the door material. However, the door is likely to wear off due to constant banging, closing and opening or even being knocked by the heavy trucks and shipment machinery. This creates dents and other major damages on the main door material, not forgetting the damaging of the major parts such as snapping of the cables and breaking of the springs. Minor door damage can be repaired by a technician while extensive damages call for a total door replacement. Contact us for a valid evaluation and solution recommendation.

3 Top Commercial Garage Door Parts to Maintain for High Performance

Commercial garage door preventive maintenance is important for safety, security and high performance. Lack of maintenance may lead to expensive repairs and replacements that may have been prevented. Below are the door parts to regularly maintain:

The door of the garage runs along the track when opening and closing. Dirt particles and debris accumulate along the tracks over time, adversely affecting then door’s movement. It’s important to regularly clean the track using a lint free towel for small dirt particles and a wire brush to scrub the tough residues. Failure to do the cleaning regularly may make the door to go off the track.

Commercial garage door sensors are among the vital safety parts as they stop the door from closing if an object or an individual is detected near the door. However, when used over a period of time, the sensors may malfunction causing abrupt door reversal or stopping. This may happen due to dirty sensors a minor problem that can be solved by cleaning them using a soft detergent and warm water. If the problem persists, alignment of the sensors is in order. Contact us for assistance.

Rollers are essential in facilitating smooth door movement. Due to constant opening and closing processes, rollers may wear off or break down completely. Dirt particles clog in the rollers affecting their movement. That’s why it’s essential to regularly clean them to prevent extensive damage that may make their replacement necessary. Contact a technician now for guidance.

Commercial Garage Door Buying Guide

Choosing the right commercial garage door boosts the growth of the business as it facilitates easy movement of tracks in and out of the garage while protecting the valuables. During the buying process, you need to consider efficacy, safety, security and reliability. Here’s what you need to look for:

  • High Speed Door

When buying a door for the warehouse, distribution center or any other business, it’s critical to consider its performance. A high speed door is ideal for a business as it saves time which translates to money as you may need to open and close the door multiple times in a day. A door with a high speed helps in boosting the security and creating the much needed environment for a fast paced business. Also, it helps in regulating the temperature inside the garage while enabling swift loading and unloading.  Call us for support in buying a high speed door.

  • Security shutters

Ensuring that you buy a door with security shutters is essential to safe guard your business. Shutters are ideal for businesses with low headroom but high traffic in terms of pedestrians. Security shutters prevents forceful entry hence keeping burglars off the building. If visibility and accessibility is an issue for you, varying designs of shutters that improves visibility and air flow into the garage. Guidance by a trusted installation service provider is highly recommended.

  • Door Material

When buying a commercial garage door, it’s vital to consider that heavy trucks and huge machineries will be using it to enter and exit the garage. At times, the trucks will knock and bang the door causing damage whose extent will depend on the material used to manufacture the door. In this case, it’s advisable to buy a door made using a sturdy steel material. If you need a door for a business with high traffic while putting security into consideration, it’s advisable to purchase a steal sectional garage door. Contact us to guide you through the buying process and proper installation process for a high commercial door performance.

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