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How to Choose the Right Garage Door Opener

A garage door opener is the main security feature of your garage door. It not only provides access but also limits entry into your home. So, a door opener is a must for any garage.

Now having said this, what type of garage door opener should one buy? Use these pointers to buy the right one.

What are the types of garage door openers?

All we know about a garage opener is that it should have a remote control, overhead light, and safety features like sensors and alarms.  But there are many types of openers in the market with advanced features. Some of them are quiet openers, chain drive openers, screw drive openers, Belt openers, etc. You also have high-tech smart openers with code access technology and smartphone control. Whatever be the type of opener you buy, look for these must-have features to make an ideal choice

 Essential features to look for in a garage door opener

Type of Drive

Every door opener has a DC motor moving a trolley on a rail. The only difference among the various types of openers is the drive. The motor can use a chain, belt, or screw to drive the trolley.

In a chain drive garage door, the chain moves the trolley to lift the door up and down. Although it is affordable, it is very noisy. If you have an attached garage, you have to choose a quieter option.

In the belt opener, a belt moves the trolley. This is by far, the quietest type of opener with a smoother operation. But belt drive openers are the costliest.

Screw drive openers have a threaded metal rod pushing the trolley. They are costlier than chain openers.

If smooth operation is your priority, go for an Ultra-quiet, smooth belt drive. If cost is your focus, go for the durable, budget-friendly chain drive opener.


The size and weight of your garage door decide the horsepower of its motor.

1/3 HP Motor

If you have a single, lighter door made of steel, you can opt for this type. But you might have to replace it often.

1/2 HP motor

This is the most common type suitable for both single and double doors of medium weight. If cost is your criterion, this is the best choice for homes.

3/4 HP Motor

For wooden garage doors, this is the ideal choice. It can lift the heavier material and last a long time.

Other horsepower options are 1 HP motor and 11/2 HP motors. These are necessary only for heavier doors or oversized garage doors of more than 16 feet width.

 Power options

Next, you have to decide what power you intend to use for your door opener- AC or DC.

AC motor

An AC motor is cheaper, long-lasting and needs very little maintenance. It may use a chain drive. These motors do not support backup battery options as they need additional power to operate.

 DC Motor

DC motors are belt-driven and use a battery to generate extra power and high torque. Although they are more expensive than AC motors, they have the added advantage of enabling a battery backup. 

Power backup options

Your door opener must work even if there is a power outage. To do this, it needs backup power.  In terms of power, DC powers motors are best for openers as they can use battery backup.

Apart from this, your opener should have a manual release function that allows you to open the door manually during a power outage.

 Code Security Technology

Modern garage openers use a rolling code technology to avoid code theft.  Every time you use the door, you can generate a new access code from billions of options. This code technology prevents code duplication by burglars.

 Wi-Fi  Garage  door opener 

Is your opener Wi-Fi enabled? If not, get a smart garage door opener from a reliable garage door company. This Ultra-quiet Wi-Fi Garage door opener allows you to open or close the door from a remote location. All you have to do is to pair it with your smartphone app. Now, you can keep tabs on who enters the house. 

Your choice of the opener depends also on other parameters like the size of the door, brand, price, etc.  Choose the right opener based on these factors and buy it from a reliable garage door company you can trust.

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