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How much will a garage door tune-up cost?

Homeowners think of a garage door tune-up only when they are doing a house makeover or moving into a new one. Then, the first question that pops up in your mind is “How much would it cost for a new garage door installation?

Then you start thinking about whether it would be cheaper to do it yourself or with a professional garage door company in Fort Lauderdale like Eden Garage Doors Repair. Why rack your brains about which is the cheapest option for installing garage doors. Just read on to find the estimates from experts.

Factors included in the Cost of a garage door tune-up

To calculate the actual cost of garage door repair, you must include the following

  • Cost of delivering the material to and from the job site
  • Transport charges for the garage door repair company
  • Cost of site preparation and maintenance before tune up
  • Labor costs are at an hourly rate for small repairs and flat-rate service fees for major repairs.

Garage door repair prices – a cost survey

Statistics reveal that the average cost for repairing a garage door in the U.S. is roughly $223. Repair costs are as low as $75 and $545 at the higher end. Some even say that costly repairs can hike even to $561 and dip to as low as $52.

This cost estimate varies depending on whether you use a garage door professional or opt for a DIY repair. A garage door specialist may charge up to $80 per hour. This includes a thorough garage door visual inspection and preventative maintenance of the door. It includes adjustments of belt drive, spring tension, force adjustments, and lubrication of the door. However, it does not include the cost of spare parts or transport charges.

Garage door repair cost component-wise breakup

If your door does not open or close fully, the roller tracks might be damaged. To repair this, it may cost you anywhere between $130-$150

Broken springs are a recurrent problem so they need regular maintenance. These spring repair costs vary between $100-$300. This price depends on the type of garage door springs used and also on the size and weight of your garage door.

Frayed cables or broken chains can cause your door to crash or fall suddenly. To avoid this, you must repair the garage door cables at once. A garage door technician charges $150-300 for this repair as it must be done with care and expertise.

If the entire panel of your garage has to be replaced, you might have to shell out $250-400 per panel. The cost of garage door panel replacement varies depending on the number and type of panels. A 9” panel replacement may cost $250 while a 16” panel may cost up to $700.

If your door has big dents that affect its curb appeal, then it is time you spend $75 to fix it.

The same amount of $75 is what you pay for fixing the broken glass on your door.

If the circuit board of your automatic garage door fails, spend $100 to replace it or reprogram it.

Hinges and rollers are small parts that need to be frequently replaced. Spend $10 each to replace these parts. 

Most doors of the garage come with an automatic opener. The cost of Garage door openers is in the range of $120-$300. The cost to install it is between $127 to $199. Summing this up, the total garage door opener repair costs amount to $247 to $499.

If the entire garage door needs to be replaced, you have to be prepared to spend $800-1200.

Having had a look at the average prices for common repairs, bear in mind these pointers. Engaging experts offering garage repair in Fort Lauderdale like Eden Garage Door Repairs is always best. Their cost of labor is low and their work is efficient. Professional garage experts are the right people to handle all repair services.

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