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Garage Door Opener LDCO850


This modern model garage door opener provides supper silent, smooth and reliable operations. It’s designed using modern technology for efficiency.


  • Wi-Fi connectivity- Connects easily to Linear PRO Acess mobile app that allows for prompt monitoring of the door activities.
  • LED lighting panel- The opener comes with dimmable LED lighting system with an equivalent of 100W energy adequate to brighten the garage.
  • Battery backup- The battery powers the door when there is no power.
  • Self diagnostic system- The opener is constantly checked for high performance.
  • Compatibility- It’s easy to link with Google Assistant, HomeLink and IFTTT.
  • Spott technology- It facilitates prompt monitoring of LDCO850 door operator through Smart devices equipped with PRO Access app.


Motor Warranty Lifetime
Belt Warranty Lifetime
Chain Warranty 5 Years
Mechanical Parts Warranty 5 Years
Electrical 1 Year
Overall Length with HBT7C/HCT7C 124.5″
Overall Length with HBT8C/HCT8C 139″

Whats In Box