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Garage Door Opener 8500W


DC Battery Backup Wall Mount Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener


MyQ Technology

MyQ technology allows for:

  • Home network connectivity

Connects easily with the home network system using the built-in Wi-Fi.

  • Smart devices connectivity

Connects adequately with Smartphones through which the users receive alerts on door activities.

  • Pre-set Schedule

Allows the user to set the recurrent schedule for the door to close and turn off or on the lights.

  • Syncs with Smart devices

Syncs adequately with majority of Smart devices and platforms for effectiveness.


  • Ample ceiling space

This opener is wall mount design that frees up the ceiling space.

  • Battery backup

A battery backup enables the opener to operate the door during power blackouts.

Security and Safety Features

  • LED lighting system

MyQ remote LED light lightens the way when coming towards the garage.

  • Automatic Lock

This opener is equipped with an automatic garage door lock that provides additional security.

  • Rolling code technology

At every click of the remote button, a new secure code is generated making code hacking impossible.

  • Sensors

Prevents the door from closing once door obstruction is detected hence protecting the garage users and vehicles.


Drive TypeDirect
Lights Turn On When Entering GarageYES
Smartphone ControllYES
Timer To CloseYES
Motor Power 
Battery BackupYES
Security / LockYES
Soft Start / StopYES

Whats In Box


Garage Door Opener Battery


myQ Remote Led Light


Automatic Garage Door Lock

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