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Garage Door Opener 8355W


½ HP AC Belt Drive Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener


MyQ Technology

This belt drive opener is designed with MyQ technology that facilitates effective connectivity with Home Link Networks including:

  • Built-in Wi-Fi system- MyQ allows for easy connection with the existing home Wi-fi network for effective digital transmission of data.
  • Connectivity with Smart devices- The opener easily connects with other smart devices such as Smart phones and Tablets. This allows the user to promptly receive garage door activities alerts via SMS.
  • Pre-set recurrent door schedule- Smart technology used in designing this opener facilitates effective setting of recurring such as to close the door and turn off or on the garage lights.
  • Syncs with Smart devices- The opener syncs adequately with major Smart devices and platforms for heightened security, safety and high performance.


  • Smooth operations

This opener provides a super silent environment due to an extra sturdy belt drive system and an in-built Motor Vibration Isolation System (MVIS).

  • ½ HP AC motor

It’s equipped with a ½ HP AC motor, adequate to adequately lift the weight of a standard aluminum door.

  • Security and Safety Features

Secure code generation- The opener generates a new security code with every click of the button.

  • Effective reversal system- The opener comes with safety sensors that reverses or stops the door from closing upon obstruction. This protects garage users from bodily harm and property destruction.
  • Forced opening protection- The opener automatically blocks forceful door opening.


Drive TypeChain
Lights Turn On When Entering GarageNO
Smartphone ControllYES
Timer To CloseNO
Motor PowerHP 1/2
Battery BackupNO
Security / LockNO
Soft Start / StopNO

Whats In Box


3-Button Remote Control