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Garage Door Opener 8165W




The MyQ technology makes it possible to:

  • Connect easily- The opener connects easily with the existing home link system with built-in Wi-Fi.
  • SmartPhone Connectivity- It Connects effectively with the smartphone, making it easy for the user to receive alerts on door activities.
  • Syncs adequately- The opener syncs well with the major smart devices and platforms for efficiency and quality performance.
  • Easy to set MyQ Schedule- Users can easily set the recurring schedule for the door to close or lights to turn on and off.


  • Saves energy- The opener saves up to 75% of energy when on standby mode hence reduced power bills.
  • ½ HP AC Motor- Its horse power is adequate to lift the weight of a standard aluminum garage door.
  • Reliability- The opener is designed with a durable and strong chain drive system that guarantees reliability and longevity.

Safety and Security Features

  • Rolling code- Hackers are kept at bay as the opener generates a secure code with each click of the button.
  • Reverse technology- The opener comes with safety sensors that stop the door from closing once an object or individual is sensed near the door. This keeps the users and property in the garage safe.


Drive TypeChain
Lights Turn On When Entering GarageNO
Smartphone ControllYES
Timer To CloseNO
Motor PowerHP 1/2
Battery BackupNO
Security / LockNO
Soft Start / StopNO

Whats In Box


3-Button Remote Control