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Garage Door Opener Amarr - 840


Amarr 840 garage door opener is described as a Smart series since it’s designed using modern technology. It provides high performance and smooth door control.


  • DC Motor- It’s equipped with an 800N DC motor that provides smooth and powerful operations.
  • Sound dampening technology- The opener produces minimum noise and vibrations due to a sound reduction technology used in designing it.
  • Chain or Belt drive- The opener is long lasting since it comes with a sturdy and durable chain or belt drive.
  • Lighting system- Comes with a lighting system that brightens up the garage soon after the movement is detected.
  • Compatible with Smart devices-Wall station of the built-in Wi-Fi facilitates easy connectivity to Smart devices that allows for recurring processes such as door opening and closing as well as turning on and off of the lights.
  • Remote door control- Easy linking with Smart devices allows for tracking of the door activities remotely.
  • Home network connectivity- This allows for door control through the HomeLink. It’s compatible with major Smart platforms such as Amazon Echo, Google Home and IFTTT.


Quiet & Powerful

• 800N DC motor
• Sound dampening technology to keep noise vibration to a minimum
• Chain or Belt rail

Controllable Brightness

• Light Output: 1600 lumens ~ 100W
• Light Levels: Six dimmable brightness levels
• Light Life: ~ 100,000 hours

Smart Control (Mobile App)

• Built-in Wi-Fi wall station allows for smart device control
• Open and close garage door
• Turn garage door lights on and off and set brightness level
• Allow up to 10 users per opener
• Track opener activities by user and device
• Control up to 10 places, with unlimited # of openers per place
• iOS and Android apps for smart phones and tablets

Whats In Box