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Top Garage Door Brands (Part 3)

If you are planning to buy a garage door, wait. First, take a look at this list of garage door brands and then make your choice.
Top Garage Door Brands in the U.S.

1. Pella

Pella is a popular garage door brand based in Iowa in the Us. Started in 1925 by Pete Kuyper, Pell has grown to become a household name to be trusted for all kinds of doors. 

Pella has 3 series of garage doors- Architect series, Pella, and Thermastar Garage doors. You can choose from Wood, Steel, Vinyl, or Aluminum material. Select the style of your garage door to be Traditional, carriage-house, or Full-view.

Pella claims that its garage doors are the best due to their energy efficiency, quiet operation, safety, and advanced protection. The energy efficiency of the Pella garage doors is due to their thickness and insulation and the right R-value. 

Pella offers its unique “Safe shield” that guarantees your safety while using its garage doors. Pella doors are constructed with high impact resistance and are hence strongly protected from flying debris.

Pella doors are strong and durable as they are made with high-quality material and fitted with nylon roller sand heavy-duty hardware. Doors from Pella may have a warranty from 1 year to a limited lifetime warranty based on the finish and hardware used.

2. Hurricane Master

Hurricane Master is a garage door brand popular in Florida. Based in Dade County in Florida, Hurricane Master claims to offer the world’s strongest garaged doors. Truly, Hurricane Master has patented 8 designs for its garage doors. They offer both residential, commercial, and specialty garage doors. They also provide garage door hardware and accessories. Gate and Access Systems from Liftmaster are part of the hurricane master range.

Hurricane Master claims to be the first sectional garage door manufacturer in all of South Florida. It is a member of the International Doro Association and also the International Hurricane Protection Association.

Hurricane Master offers the best protection against hurricanes and hailstorms. It has been a trusted name for garage doors since its inception in 1980.

3. General American Door Company

The General American Door Company or GADCO is based at Montgomery in Illinois. It offers both residential and commercial garage doors. its residential garage doors are used by homeowners and repair technicians. Its commercial or industrial garage doors are used by architects, builders, and companies.

Founded in 1961, GADCO offered only Aluminum Garage doors. A few years later, they started offering fiberglass garage doors.

GADCO has patented its unique product called Therm-O-air. This used high-density polyethylene in an aluminum framework for the garage door.

GADCO’s ribbed residential steel door called Liberty is widely popular, and so is the raised model residential steel garage door called America. Both these models are widely popular in the U.S.

GADCO’s Thermal steel series of commercial garage doors are much in demand for their foamed-in-place structure.

4. Everite Door Works

Everite began in 1939 as the manufacturing unit of the Howell door company of Paoli in Pennsylvania. It then moved to Everett and started specializing in wood garage doors. Even when steel garage doors came into the market, Everite continued to offer only wood garage doors. Later, it expanded its range to include wood, composite, and vinyl garage doors. It offers 4 series of garage doors- Traditional cape, custom, and semi-custom series. Everite is known for the high-quality wood used with a fine finish and sturdy hardware.

5. Unique Garage Doors

Unique Garage doors are supposed to be the “strong and silent type”. They are known for their silent and sturdy operation due to their noiseless hinge and rollers. They offer wood, steel, and aluminum garage doors. Unique garage doors are available in Arizona, California, and Nevada. They promise to deliver factory-fresh garage doors from California straight to your house in the least time.

All the above garage door brands are known for their unique designs, their product range, and performance. Choose among any of these trusted brands and stay worry-free about your garage door for the coming years.

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