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Top Garage Door Brands (Part 2)

Everyone wants the best for all that they own. And that includes the best for your vehicle and garage. To have the best garage, you must fix the best garage door. To find out which one is best, check out this list of top garage door brands.

List of Top Garage Door Brands

Many of these garage door brands have been around for ages, almost 50 years. They are known for their stellar performance, long life, durability, etc. They are a trusted name in the areas they serve.

1. Wayne-Dalton

Wayne Dalton claims to be the largest manufacturer of garage doors in the U.s. They have all types of garage doors in wood. Steel, aluminum, fiberglass, vinyl, etc. Both residential and commercial garage doors are available at Wayne-Dalton. Founded in 1954, this brand vouches for not only quality and performance, but life and style as well. Serving all of the U.S. and even Canada, Wayne Dalton is a big brand among garage doors and is based out of Ohio.

The unique offering from WayneDalton is their door-designing software. You can design your garage door virtually choosing among various color and style options. Then, you can place it in the photo of your home to see if the decor matches. This solution is very popular as it offers the customer the satisfaction of building their garage door.

2. Midland

Midland is the popular garage door brand from Minnesota, Nebraska, and North Dakota. They have a wide range of garage door options for both residential and commercial purposes. Their residential range includes classic, ranch, flush, carriage, full-view, etc. their commercial range includes 2-inch and 3-inch commercial flush, full-view, and ribbed garage doors.

3. Hormann

This garage door brand originally from Germany has operated in the U.S. For over 50 years now. Hormann doors are popular in the states of Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Washington. They deal with both residential and commercial garage doors. Among the residential garage doors, Hormann’s Aries, Taurus, Polaris, Solaris, and Phoenix are the most in-demand. 

Hormann’s range includes aluminum frame, roller. sectional, hinged, and side-hinged garage doors. The styles offered by Hormann for garage doors range from the traditional carriage house types to the modern sliding or remote-controlled types.

Backed by the quality of German Engineering, Hormann garage doors are known for their good performance and life. They are IDA and DASMA certified and also accredited to the US Green building Council.

Hormann also focuses on sustainability and hence uses recycled products for garage-door manufacturing. Midland

4. Northwest Door

Northwest Door is from the Pacific Northwest. They offer 15 series of garage doors. Wood, aluminum, and steel garage doors are part of their range. Northwest specializes in insulated garage doors with different R-values. Northwest is known for its excellent service support with a 24-hour call center. They install and repair garage doors and offer garage door accessories as well.

5. Windsor

Windsor Garage doors are based out of Little Rock, Arkansas. They have catered to that area for over 50 years. Now they cater from coast to coast. They have distributors even in LA and Houston.

The best part with Windsor is they offer separate ranges for homeowners, builders, architects, and commercial enterprises. They have different options like steel, aluminum, and even composite garage doors.

Whatever be the brand of garage door you choose, select it based on their range, reputation, and the repair services they offer. Make sure your garage door brand has spare parts which you can source from anywhere and not just the area they belong to. Lastly, keep your budget in mind and then, choose the garage door brand that fits it all.

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