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Garage Door Sensor Replacement

Eden Garage Doors Repair company is a professional Fort Lauderdale garage door company providing garage door repair services in Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas. Garage doors are an important part of your home’s safety and security system. Garage doors are under constant strain as it is one of the busiest entries to the house. So when its not working, it creates a lot of inconvenience for all. Always call an expert garage door repair company like Eden Garage Doors to repair your garage door.

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How do garage door sensors work?

Garage door sensors provide protection and boost safety of the automated doors. They’re designed to prevent accidents of people, animals and cars are crashed by the door. They’re located on the lower side of the door one on each side. The two sensors produce two beams once the door is open that meets and detects the presence of an object blocking the door. The sensor works in the following process:

  • Detects a person, animal or object near the door.
  • Sends a signal to the motor unit
  • The motor receives the signal and stops the downwards door movement.
  • The door is reversed not to crash into the detected object.

How do I know if my garage door sensor is bad?

It’s challenging sometimes to know whether the sensors of the garage door are functioning properly. Routine maintenance can help to detect sensors that are faulty. Nonetheless, below are the common signs that call for garage door sensors repair:

  • Door of the garage not closing properly

If you notice that the door isn’t closing properly, you need to check the sensor path whether there’s an object blocking it. If no object, animal or person is present the sensors aren’t working properly.

  • Door closing all the way when blocked

Place an object such as an empty carton on the door closing path. If the door closes all the way crashing the carton, then it’s faulty. 

  • LED lights are off

Each sensor has an LED light that should be on always. If they’re not on, check whether the power supply is on. If there’s no power blackout it simply means that the sensors are faulty.

  • Sensor lenses covered with dirt

The sensors have lenses that detect the presence of the object for a reversal signal to be sent to the motor unit. If the lenses are covered with dust and other dirt particles, it means that the sensors may not be functioning well. Cleaning should be done.

  • Sensors being exposed to moisture

If the sensors are covered with moisture, they may not detect the presence of an object on the door closing path. If the sensor has been exposed to rain or water from a sprinkler, they may fail to function properly.

Are all garage door sensors the same?

They’re different types of Garage door sensors performing different roles. Here are the major types:

  • Safety sensors

There are infrared and the pressure sensors enhance the safety by preventing the door from crushing on to the object on the pathway.

  • Monitor sensors

This is a monitoring device that gives alerts on doors that are not closed. The sensor is attached on the door and a panel attached inside the home.

  • CO2 Sensor

This sensor is designed to detect the amount of CO2 present in the air. Once the amount is beyond the recommended level, the sensor activates the garage to open up for fresh air to flow in.

Can I bypass my garage door sensors?

Yes, you can successfully bypass the door sensors. However, it’s not recommended as the safety of the door will be compromised. Contact a Fort Lauderdale garage door repair expert for advice on bypassing the sensors.