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Affordable Garage Door Roller Replacement Services in Fort Lauderdale

Eden Garage Doors Repair is a reputable garage door repair company in Fort Lauderdale that serves homeowners across South Florida. The garage door is an important element of many houses, and if your garage door is not opening or shutting properly, it might be due to a problem with the garage door roller structure. Always have your garage door roller inspected by a professional garage door repair company like Eden Garage Doors. 

Your garage door’s rollers are a key component of the garage system. Like the garage door, the rollers have a lifespan of roughly 15-20 years. The door is connected to a set of tracks by these rod-and-wheel systems, which allows it to open and close quickly and smoothly. If your garage door grinds as it moves up and down the track, the rollers should be replaced immediately.

The side of the track shaved some of the rollers off every time the door opened or closed. When it got thin enough, bits began to break off, forcing the wheel to bounce up and down the track.

One of the simplest methods to update your garage door is to replace worn-out garage door rollers. It makes little difference if you have steel rollers that squeak up and down the track or old plastic rollers that resemble crumbled cheese. Other components of a complete garage door roller include the shaft, ball bearings, inner and outer rings, and the cage.

How Often Should Garage Door Rollers Be Replaced?

Depending on the material used, your rollers might last a lifetime or as little as a year.

In general, the lifespan of rollers increases as they progress from plastic to steel to nylon.

Plastic rollers typically have a lifespan of one to two years before needing to be changed. Steel rollers are more durable, with 10,000 to 12,000 cycle ratings. If you open and close the door four times every day, for roughly eight years. Nylon garage door rollers are more durable and quieter than steel rollers. Nylon rollers contain 12 ball bearings and this type of roller is suitable for single or double doors. The majority of residential doors use 2-inch rollers.

They include a sealed bearing to keep dust and filth out, as well as a heavy-duty 14-gauge steel stem for greater load capacity. They have an amazing cycle rating of 125,000. You’d have to open and close your garage door ten times a day for over forty years to do this!

What size garage door rollers do I need?

It is possible to determine the correct size of your rollers, and the simplest method is just to remove one.

There are two types of garage doors: residential and commercial. Similarly, rollers come in two primary sizes: 2-inch and 3-inch.  In the garage door industry, roller sizes are fairly standard. A regular home door will work well with 2-inch rollers, whereas commercial and industrial doors will work well with 3-inch rollers. However, heavy-duty residential doors, such as bespoke solid wood doors, require 3-inch rollers. In addition, the 3-inch rollers are used on the oversized warehouse door. If you’re unsure, get advice from a professional.

How To Replace Garage Door Rollers?

When garage door rollers get damaged, they must be changed right away. This is because their absence will make it difficult to open and close the door. Aside from new door rollers in the proper size, the following are additional essential equipment to have:

Large flat screwdriver
Pry bar
A helper
Procedure to replace rollers

Safety first

Before you begin, make sure you’ve unplugged the garage door opener and disconnected the trolley from the door arm so you can freely move the door up and down.

Set the clamps in place.

Close the door completely and clamp the track at two-thirds of the way up. Disconnect the door from the power opener by pulling the release cord.

Bend the track

Bend the track to a slightly open position towards the top using the pliers. Place the flathead screwdriver between the roller and the track as the first roller approaches the aperture.

Replace the old roller

Replace the old roller with the new one. Roll the door down and work on the next roller when the fresh roller has been successfully fitted into the track.

Work on the tracks

Once you’ve replaced all the rollers, bend the trackback to its original shape and plug the opener back.

Contact a Fort Lauderdale garage door repair technician for professional garage door rollers replacement.  Technicians from Eden Garage doors Repair will guide you on replacing the roller and work out the cost to fit your budget. Call (954) 526-9810 now for your garage door replacement services.