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Eden Garage Doors Repair is a trusted Fort Lauderdale garage door repair company providing garage door repair services to South Florida residents. The garage door is an important part of many homes and if your garage door is not opening or closing, it may be due to the garage door roller struct. Have an expert garage door repair company like Eden Garage Doors to inspect your garage door roller.

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How long do garage door rollers last?

Garage door rollers repair can be delayed by performing routine preventive maintenance. The rollers can last for a long time providing quality performance. Just like the door of the garage, the rollers have a lifespan of about 15-20 years. Whether the rollers are to last for long or not is determined by the following:

Frequency of use

This refers to how often the door is opened and closed per day. Just like other mechanical gadgets, frequent use leads to breaking down over a period of time. Normally, the standard rollers that are inexpensive may last for about 10,000 cycles which translates to 10,000 opening and closing of the door. On the other hand, commercial rollers may pull through around 50,000 cycles.

Material used in manufacturing rollers

Rollers manufactured using durable materials tend to last longer compared to those manufactured using less durable materials. For example, rollers manufactured using stainless steel or zinc plating though costs slightly more, lasts longer compared to those made of nylon material.

Environmental conditions

Rollers installed on garage doors in areas with high moisture climate are likely to develop rust and get corroded easily compared to those in moisture free areas. That’s why installing rollers manufactured of stainless steel and zinc plating is highly recommended in high moisture environments.

Ball bearing

Rollers with many ball bearings tend to last longer than those with few bearings. If you get bearing-less rollers installed on your door, you may buy them cheaply but they’re the least rated.

What size of garage door rollers do I need?

Generally, there’s residential and the commercial garage doors. Similarly, rollers are available in two major sizes, the 2-inch and 3-inch. A standard residential door will perform well with 2-inch rollers while the commercial doors make use of 3-inch rollers. However, the heavy weight residential doors such as the custom solid wood doors use the 3-inch rollers. Also, the over sized warehouse door uses the 3-inch rollers. If you’re not sure, contact a technician for guidance.

How to replace garage door rollers?

When the garage door rollers are broken, they need to be replaced immediately. This is because their absence will interfere with opening and closing of the door. Besides new door rollers of the right size, below are other necessary tools to have;

  • Pliers
  • Large flat screw driver
  • Clamp
  • Pry bar
  • A helper

Procedure to replace rollers

Safety first

Before starting the process, ensure that you’ve unplugged the door opener and unhook the trolley from the door arm to freely move the door up and down.

Place the clamps

Open the door all the way and clamp the track at 2/3 up position. Pull the release rope to disengage the door from the power opener.

Bend the track

Use the pliers to bend the track to a slightly open position near the top. Line up the first roller near the opening and place the flathead screwdriver between the roller and the track.

Replace the old roller

Remove the old roller and slide in the new one. Once the new roller has been successfully inserted into the track, roll the door down and work on the next roller.

Work on the tracks

Once you’ve replaced all the rollers, bend the track back to original shape and plug the opener back. Contact a Fort Lauderdale garage door repair technician for professional garage door rollers replacement.