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Garage Door Remote Replacement Services

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Garage door remote replacement is a procedure that can be handled through a tactful DIY process. However, it’s important to consult a Fort Lauderdale garage door repair technician to ascertain whether the remote is completely damaged or just faulty.

Here are major reasons to consider replacing the garage door opener’s remote:

  • You lost the door opener remote
  • The remote control is damaged
  • Remote is incompatible after an opener replacement
  • Need to upgrade the opener’s remote
  • How to know the right remote to purchase

Replacement of the remote becomes an option if the garage door remote repair doesn’t solve the problem. First, you need to check whether the company that manufactured the current model of the remote is still in operation. If not, consult a door expert to guide you through the purchasing of a replacement remote. Note that universal remote may be compatible with the majority of the systems but they could fail to be with some.

Therefore, the following steps should be followed for successful replacement:

Check for specifications of the garage door remote control

Check the old remote to get the specifications that include the brand name and the model serial number. In this case, check the backside of the battery or on the housing of the battery.

Get the garage door opener products & model specifications

Getting the opener model’s details is important as they’ll help in determining the remote’s compatibility. To obtain the information, look for a label located in a box hanging on the ceiling where the door rests when open. Get the name of the manufacturer and the serial number of the opener model.

Contact the manufacturer E.g. Genie

Once you’ve obtained the pertinent details for both the remote and the opener, contact the manufacturer to find out more including missing access codes. If the specific model of the remote is still in the market, you can go ahead and place an order. If the manufacturer of the garage door opener brands is unreachable, contact the nearest installation company and check the major brands they carry.

How to program a garage door remote

1. Place batteries in the remote – Get the right garage door remote batteries and place them in the remote. Before starting the programming process, read carefully the manufacturer’s instructions provided in the paper insert. Contact the nearest garage door repair company for guidance.

2. Identify the learn button – Though the programming processes may vary from one garage door opener system and model of remote to the other, they are similar. All remotes come with a learn button normally located on the light cover. In this case, remove the light cover to access the learn button.

3. Work on the learn button – Press the learn button till when the indicator light of the opener blinks after which you’ll press the remote button. Press the remote button to test whether it’s functioning well. If the door does not move, get near the door to ensure that you have the right remote range. If there is no response, call a technician to conduct garage door remote programming and assess if there’s another problem.

Call the Fort Lauderdale garage door repair experts, They will be at your location in a jiffy and fix your garage door remote problem.