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Eden Garage Doors Repair company is a professional Fort Lauderdale garage door repair company providing garage door services in Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas. The garage door off-track problem is critical and often warrants an emergency repair service call. A door of the garage can go off the track because of a number of reasons. This can be dangerous as it can cause serious injuries and the destruction of properties. Top causes and common reasons for the door being off track include:

Strong Impact

Sometimes garage users cause the door to go off track because of being in a hurry to leave. In this case, one does not wait for the door to open completely hence hitting it with the car. When this happens, the lower sections of the door are damaged shaking the entire door system. The shaking causes some rollers to come off leaving the door without adequate support. If the door is not repaired in time, it’ll soon go off the tracks. If you realize that you’ve hit the door, call a Fort Lauderdale garage door repair specialist to check the damaged track and to avoid complications.

Lift Cable Breaks

Lift cables are present on each side of the door and wind around a drum. If the alignment is disturbed for whatever reason, the cables may snap and break. If the cable is broken, the door will not close completely on one side as the weight is transferred on one side. This may lead to the door being off the track.

Misaligned or blocked tracks

After a period of use, the bolts holding the horizontal tracks become loose. This leads to rollers coming off due to any slightest vibrations. This poses a risk because the door can come off the tracks at any slight impact or vibrations. Similarly, dust particles accumulate along the tracks blocking them hence derailing the door.

How do you fix a garage door that’s off track?

Trying to repair the door may be disastrous as the door may come crashing on you. Therefore, engage trained garage door technicians to handle the process. If you have the right tools and required skills, here are the DIY steps to follow:

Gather the tools

To put the door back to track, you’ll need pliers, sawhorses, a wrench, a hammer, a block of wood and a WD-40 can for lubrication.

Open the door manually

Disconnect the power supply and disengage the opener. Ensure that you have an assistant then lift the door to open it manually. Place the open door on the sawhorses to keep it in place. When the door is opening, take note of the areas where it’s touching on the tracks as it’s the point at which it’s coming off the tracks.

Apply the pliers

To ensure that the door is securely held in place, apply the locking pliers to reinforce the sawhorses. If you do not have the sawhorses, place a ladder on each side of the door to support it.

Manipulate the garage door tracks

Manipulate the metallic edges of the track using a pair of pliers and then slide the wheels into the track. Knock the edges of the track using a hammer to shape them up.

Reattach the garage door opener

Engage the opener system and connect back the power supply. Test the door by opening and closing it. Now you are all set.

However, we strongly recommend that you hire a garage door professional to fix your off-track problems. Engaging a technician to put the door back on track may cost you anywhere between $150-$200 but any clumsy repair can cost you hundreds more.

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