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Garage door keypad

If you want peace of mind without worrying about the safety of your home, make dependable arrangements for garage door security. To start with, experts would suggest installing an automatic garage door opener and a garage door keypad.

Garage door keypads provide maximum security for your garage without using any keys. They allow you to grant or restrict access to your home by using access codes. They also allow you to operate your door even in remote mode.

No more worrying about losing the keys or remotes. The keyless garage door remote keypad allows you to secure your garage door entry by means of inviolable access codes. Using rolling code technology, the garage door pad offers fail-safe protection for your garage or home.

All you need to do is to buy the right keypad for your garage door and install it with the help of professional garage technicians.

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Selecting the right keypad for your garage door

Just like we have different brands of garage door, we have different types of openers and keypads too. You must look for openers to suit your garage door models. Next, you must find the right model garage keypad to suit this opener.

For instance, you cannot use a Liftmaster keypad with Genie garage door openers or vice versa. You must choose the right keypad that matches your garage openers. Or better still, you can buy a universal garage door opener keypad that works with any kind of opener model.

Before deciding on the opener and keypads, it is always better to consult a garage door specialist like Eden Garage Doors in Ft Lauderdale.

Wired and wireless keypads

Another factor to consider is what type of keypad you want- wired or wireless. The use of wireless technology has released you from the worry of wire damage to your keypads.

Wired keypads are used as a part of a security system for the garage door. They even offer advanced features like Z wave automation to add other security devices to the network. They also act as wireless receivers for sensors or transmitters used in the system.

Wired keypads might look like an affordable option but they have to be installed properly. Since they come with wires, these wires have to be properly rigged to avoid loose contact. Only an experienced garage professional can install such wired keypads efficiently.

Wireless garage keypads are more in vogue as they offer better protection without wires. They are more expensive than wired models. You also have to change the garage door keypad battery from time to time. It is best to enlist the services of a garage expert to install the wireless keypad.

Programming the keypad

A keypad is an ideal choice for the security of your garage. It offers gate access for family members using a personal four-digit access code. This garage door opener code must be properly programmed by using the manual.

Call a garage door expert to program the garage code. This 4 or 6-digit code PIN is a frequency transmission code that causes the door to open. The garage specialist uses the LEARN button or PROGRAM button on the keypad to input the 4 or 6-digit pin code and set it. This code must be known only to all those who need access.

In case you forget your garage code, you need the services of a garage expert to reprogram or reset it.

Call a garage specialist for keypad installation

Installing a garage door keypad is not a DIY fix. It is better to call a specialist to install the keypad for the following reasons.

  • The garage door keypad brand must match that of the garage opener model and your type of door. Only a specialist can tell you if it will.
  • Even if a universal keypad matches all the popular brands of openers, you still need a specialist to install and program it.
  • Your keypad may have parts like a keypad cover, battery cover, etc for weather protection. In case any of these parts need replacement, call a garage door repair specialist.
  • Your keypad may be used to operate the garage door opener lights. Any malfunction of the keypad might prevent these lights from turning on. Calling a specialist is best in such cases.
  • You can use one keypad to activate at least 3-4 garage door openers depending on the model. If you want to operate many openers using a keypad, it is better to do this professionally by calling a garage expert.
  • Installing a keypad is best done along with the garage door opener installation by an expert.
  • Even for garage door keypad replacement or repair, professional help is a must.

Right from selecting the right keypad for your garage door to installing and programming it, it is best to use the professional garage door repair technician from Eden Garage Doors. This will prevent any security risks or threats to your garage and leave you with complete peace of mind.

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