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Garage Door Keypad Repair

Eden Garage Doors Repair is a trusted Fort Lauderdale garage door repair company providing garage door repair services to South Florida residents. The garage door is an important part of many homes and if your garage door is not opening or closing, it may be due to the damaged keypad. Have an expert garage door repair company like Eden Garage Doors to inspect your garage door keypad.

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How do I connect a keypad to my garage door opener?

A garage door keypad is instrumental in opening the door using a code. It’s located on the exterior side of the door. Keypads are available in two types mainly the wired and the wireless. They’re connected to the push button wall unit inside the garage and the opener. Here are steps to follow in connecting the keypad to the opener;

Fix the keypad

Mount the keypad on the best and accessible part of the wall outside the door. When screwing the keypad on the wall, ensure that you leave some space on the backside. This allows free movement of the air thus preventing the accumulation of moisture. Remember that the cover of the keypad will need to slide up hence there’s need to have enough room.

Connect the keypad wires

If you’re using a wired keypad, run the wires into the garage and connect them to the opener. Also, connect the wired with the push button unit in order to have a complete system.

Program the keypad

You’ll need to get this step right as any mistake will make the opener not to function. Unplug the opener and remove the cover of the inside push button. Once you’ve located the operate switch, slide it into the program. Feed your preferred four digit code into the keypad you’ve on the wall outside. Slide the program switch back, place back the cover and plug the opener.

Connecting a wireless keypad

Once the wireless keypad is mounted on the wall, press and release the learn button present on the opener. Then, on the keypad, feed the four digit code an exercise that you need to complete within 30 seconds and press the enter button for about 5 seconds. By this time the keypad light should stop flashing meaning that the process is complete.

How to reset garage door keypad?

The keypad allows the garage users to access the garage. Good news is that it can be activated or deactivated by simply feeding in personal identification specifications. Resetting of the keypad involves the following;

Press the learn button

At the backside of the motor unit, locate the learn button and press it continuously. Observe to ascertain that the LED light is growing steadily for about thirty seconds.

Enter the personal identification number

Feed in your new personal identification number and press the enter button. Your personal identification number (PIN) should be easy to remember.

Conclude the process

To complete the retting process, once you’ve pressed the enter button, observe the LED light on the motor unit. Release the enter button and check whether the LED light has blinked. If LED light blinks, it means that the resetting process is successful.

How does it cost to install garage door keypad?

A simple remote of the garage door costs about $30-$40 while a keypad may go up to $60. Generally technicians charge anywhere $60 – $100 for installation and programming. Contact Eden Garage Doors for an accurate quote.