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Eden Garage Doors Repair is a great garage door repair company in Fort Lauderdale offering garage doors services like garage door hinges repair and replacement. You need your garage door to operate effectively and efficiently to ensure that your home runs smoothly. With repeated use, garage door hinges are subject to wear and tear.

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Do garage door hinges wear out?

Hinges do wear out due to varying reasons. They play an important role in supporting the weight of the door. Once they wear out, it becomes absolutely difficult to open the door. If no action is taken, they can cause serious damages to the door. If signs of deterioration are noted, garage door hinges replacement should be considered immediately. Below are some major causes of hinges wearing out;


Hinges are metallic hence prone to rust. This happens when the maintenance is not done in a routine manner. If signs of the presence of rust are detected, lubrication should be done regularly to prevent excessive friction that results to wear and tear.

Great impact

The car may knock the door of the garage exerting pressure on the hinges. If they’re not made of strong steal material, they are likely to wear out. They disengage and after some times of door use, they may break completely.

Old age

Just like other door parts, aging of the hinges is inevitable. Standard hinges should function properly for 10 to 15 years under normal door use.

Signs that the hinges are wearing out

Early detection of hinges that are wearing out helps in making the necessary repairs and replacements. This averts possible risks of them breaking and making the door to fall off. Here are the signs to watch out for:

Missing screws

It’s easy to ignore the missing screws from the hinges as it may seem to be a simple problem. However, this points to a metallic plates into which it’s supposed to fit in that has deteriorated. This makes the screws to be loose hence falling off without you noticing it.  

Bent or cracked hinges

The hinges bend due to strong impact. This may be as a result of the door being hit by the car while entering or moving out. This means that they’re likely to break at some point.

Rust or corroded

If the hinges are exposed to acidic rain and other harsh environmental factors, they’re likely to develop rust or get corroded after a period of time. The presence of the rust or corrosion is an indication that the hinges are wearing off due to excessive friction.

Squeaking noise

The presence of squeaking noise when the door is operating is an indication of hinges that are wearing out or even broken.

How to handle wearing out of the hinges?

Preventive maintenance

Routine preventive maintenance helps a lot in preventing the wearing out of the hinges. This involves regular lubrication using the recommended WD-40.

Timely repair

Timely repair of the wearing hinges helps in preventing complication of the problem. If you notice the formation of rust and missing screws, contact a garage door repair technician to remove the rust and replace the screws.

Replacement of the hinges

Do not wait for the hinges to break completely as the door can fall off causing injuries and destruction of the property. Once you notice the above signs of wearing out hinges, you need to contact a garage door professional to replace it with the quality garage door hinge types.