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Garage Door Cable Repair

Eden Garage Doors Repair company is a professional Fort Lauderdale garage door company providing garage door repair services in Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas. Garage doors are an important part of your home’s safety and security system. Garage doors are under constant strain as it is one of the busiest entries to the house. So when it breaks, it creates a lot of inconvenience for all. Always call an expert garage door repair company like Eden Garage Doors to repair your garage door.

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How do I adjust garage door cables?

If a door cable snapped or became loose, you’ll need to adjust or tighten it. It’s important to allow a handyman to conduct the adjustment for safety reasons. However, the process is typically DIY using the right tools and help of an assistant while exercising safety precautions. Here are the steps to follow:

Gather the required tools

Ensure that you have the following tools for the job:

  • A G clamp –It’s essential in holding the spring in place during the adjustment process.
  • A metallic bar
  • Goggles for eyes safety
  • Gloves for safety

Release the springs

Observe all the safety precautions and release and clamp them to door rollers at the lowest point. Ensure that you do not tamper with the springs as this can be dangerous.

Assess the pulleys

Check the condition of the pulleys to ensure that they are intact and that they’re functioning as they should. If they need replacement, do not proceed with the adjustment process and instead, invite a technician to handle the replacement procedure.

Move the S-hook higher

When you move the S-hook higher, you’re basically adjusting the springs. To achieve the desired tightness, ensure that you place it in the hole located on the higher height on the track.

Can I open garage door with a broken cable

Opening the door of the garage with a broken cable is an uphill task and risky. The cables technically hold the springs in place hence playing an important role in lifting the weight of the door. Therefore, lifting the door would mean bearing the heavy weight of the door as it’ll not be supported by the cables. It’s advisable to call a garage door cable repair technician to fix them first before opening the door. If it’s absolutely urgent to open the door, here is how to go about it:

Disconnect the power

Disconnect the power supply to the garage and make sure that the circuit breaker is completely off. If you’re not sure on how to disconnect the power, invite a technician to assist you.

Disengage the opener

To facilitate manual door opening, you’ll need to disconnect the door from the opener. Locate the red toggle hanging down behind the door. Pull it until it’s disengaged.

Lift the door

Place a ladder on each side of the garage door and lift the door from below with the assistance of a helper. Here, you’ll need to exercise maximum caution with good communication between you and your assistant to avoid injuries.

Clamp the door

Use the vice clamps to hold the door in place on the tracks. Also, make the door to rest on the ladders present on each side of the door for additional safety.

How does it cost to replace the cable?

Garage door cable replacement is a relatively complex and risky procedure that should be left to professionals. Purchasing of the cables ranges between $8-$20 depending on the quality and brand. Besides the buying of the cables, you’ll need to factor in the service fee amounting to $130-$200.

Our Address: 500 N Andrews Ave, Suite 227 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 United States