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Eden Garage Doors Repair is a professional garage door company in Fort Lauderdale that provides garage door repair services in the surrounding locations. Garage doors play a crucial role in the safety and security of your house. Because it is one of the busiest entrances to the house, garage doors are always under stress. As a result, when it breaks, it causes a great deal of difficulty for everyone. To repair your garage door, always contact a professional garage door repair company like Eden Garage Doors.

Garage door cables are an integral element of the system that supports and protects your garage during movement. Inspections and preventative maintenance are essential for keeping your wires in excellent condition throughout the year. The product is intended to work optimally for a set time, however, it will not last as long due to regular wear and tear. Pay attention to these warning flags to avoid the frequent dangers.

Hesitation or slow movement
When the door tries to open or close, it comes to a halt
Dangling cables
Noise from the door

Some commercial and residential garage doors are enormous and complicated, with several moving elements that must be managed and maintained. By transmitting energy from the coiled springs, the wires assist raise the door and reducing its descent.

Can I use a damaged cable to open the garage door?

A cable can fray or wear, get unbuckled or unattached, fall off a pulley, strain, or break. If this happens, knowing how to mend a garage door cable will come in handy. The way garage door cables are reattached and replaced is affected by the kind of cable system whatever type of spring, whether torsion or extension spring. Here are some other things to look for while inspecting faulty cables:

Examine the Cable

Lift cables should be examined regularly to prevent damage or injury. Cables that are frayed or rusty should be replaced before they break. Cables that droop or seem loose when the door is fully open are more likely to become unraveled from drum rollers or slip-off pulleys. Cable straining or a clamp sliding might have caused the sag. Tighten the cables if this happens.

Clamp the Door

The location of the door when the cable breaks or releases influences this step. If the door is totally or partially open, secure a C-clamp to the track as near to but beneath the bottom tire as possible. This keeps the door from shutting. Clamps are not necessary if the cable breaks jumping a pulley, or becomes detached when the door is fully closed.

Turn off the Power Supply

To avoid danger, turn off the garage door opener’s power source and disconnect it from the door lifting mechanism. You may also move the door if necessary. Locate the release pull rope and tug on it to unlatch the connection.

Open the Door

The door must be fully opened to relieve stress on the torsion or extension springs and make it easier to repair or reconnect cables. Lift the door until it is entirely open, then clamp it shut to prevent it from falling. Heavy doors may require the aid of two or three persons to be raised levelly and without binding or damage.

Examine the Springs

When a cable snaps, a tsunami of energy is released into an extension or torsion spring. Examine the springs for cracks or breaks and, if required, fix them. Torsion spring slippage can generate loose cables, which may need spring tightening and rewinding.

Be Proactive

Replace both lift cables at the same time if one cable has to be replaced due to fraying, corrosion, or breakage. It’s also a good idea to fix the bottom mounting bracket while replacing wires. On extension doors with garage door springs, inspect for wear where the cable connects to the top frame and replace any damaged components.

Use Proper Tools

Use C-clamps or blocks and clamps on both tracks to retain the door in place. Use a ladder or step stool while working above your chest height; it is safer and provides more strength for tasks than reaching. Use pliers, vice grips, a hammer, wrenches, screwdrivers, and winding bars as needed. 

How much does it cost to replace the cable?

If your garage door is not opening or has become jammed, the wiring may need to be replaced. Due to the weight of the typical garage door and the significant strain on the garage door springs, this is a job best left to a garage door professional. The cost of garage door repair will vary based on where you live, the length of the required cables, and the time it takes the expert to replace them.

Depending on the quality, basic garage door wires might cost between $8 and $20 at a big-box store. You may be paid a fee if your pro provides the cables. If your wires have just fallen off the track, they may not require replacement; however, broken cables must be completely removed and replaced. The national average cost for a garage door repair specialist is $80 – $110 per hour, with a broken garage door cable costing between $130 and $200.

Eden Garage Doors Repair is the company to call when homes and businesses in Fort Lauderdale want garage door repair. We are the Fort Lauderdale garage door repair specialists you can rely on, with years of expertise repairing, installing, and replacing faulty garage door systems throughout South Florida. Contact our garage door technicians with any queries you may have about garage door servicing or garage door repair.