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Top Garage Door Brands (Part 4)

Fitting a new garage door may sound simple, but it is not. You must choose a garage door brand that is durable, long-lasting, and maintenance-free. To find such a sturdy garage door, you must have a look at the brands that deal with garage doors first.

Top Garage Door Brands that you must check before buying a garage door


Martin is a leading garage door brand based in Salt Lake City, Utah. This brand claims to design and manufacture the best overhead doors in the world since 1936. Their doors are known not only for their beauty and craftsmanship but also their quality and performance as well.

Martin takes pride in offering the world’s first real copper door. Its glass doors are also highly in demand.

Martin has 3 series for Residential garage doors- Elite, Premium, and Classic. Elite has in its range, Athena- for modern glass panels, Pinnacle-Steel and Aluminum, Chalet for traditional styles, and Copper garage doors. Martin’s Commercial Range has 3 series-Athena, M26, and M24.

Martin garage doors come with a 3-10 years warranty and some even with a lifetime warranty as well. Martin also deals with garage door openers

2.WD Door

Based out of Iowa, WD door has been in the garage dor business for 25 years. They offer both residential and commercial garage doors. Their doors are of wood, steel, aluminum, or fiberglass. They offer installation, repair, and maintenance of garage doors.

In residential garage doors, the WD range includes Classic Steel or Carriage House Steel, Contemporary Aluminum, Fiberglass, or Wood Garage doors. The WD Commercial range includes Steel, Aluminum Sectional, High Speed, or Rolling Garage doors.

WD offers garage door accessories like openers, springs, cables, etc, as well. They also offer 24×7 service and support for garage doors in the Greater Moines and Iowa regions.

3. Eden Coast

If you are looking for a weather-proof garage door, opt for Eden Coast. This brand claims its garage doors are resistant to mold, humidity, and even termites. 

Based in Lawrenceville, Georgia, Eden Coast believes in going green. That is why it uses recyclable materials for its garage doors.

Eden coast has 2 ranges of garage doors- the stained and painted. They also specialize in customized garage doors.

4. Broten Garage Doors

If you need a garage door that can combat a Florida-like climate with severe sunshine, rain, snow, tornadoes, etc, blindly go for Broten.

Broten is the brand that specializes in making garage doors specifically to suit the Florida climate. They craft garage doors of steel, wood, faux wood, aluminum, or impact glass. 

Broten has been supplying garage doors since 1955. They deal with both residential and commercial garage doors. Their Residential range includes-Traditional, Carriage-house, Contemporary, Custom, Wood-Look, and the Mediterranean garage doors. The Broten Commercial doors are of 2 types- Sectional and insulated Sectional.

The specialty of Broten is their Hurricane -rated Garage Doors. These doors are sturdily built with extra thickness and more impact resistance to withstand hurricanes and their flying debris.

Broten also deals with Liftmaster commercial door operators and has door openers, remotes, keypads et in ist range. They offer installation, maintenance, and repair for garage doors.

Broten is accredited to the IDEA Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation. It is a trusted brand for garage doors for over 60 years.

5. Silvelox

Silverlox is an Italian brand that has been offering garage doors to the U.S. market for ages. Their garage door range includes Secur, Secur Plus, Basculap, Securlap, and Sectional SR or SL type garage doors.

Silverlox claims that its garage doors are theft-proof. It has patented a unique design of an Overlapping System and a Sectional Garage door. Its Armored-Entrance Garage doors are also the latest in design. Its brands include Silverlox, SEIP, and Composeip for garage doors.

The above-listed garage door brands are the best in the market and the finest in design, quality, and performance. Select your garage door brand among these by checking out their range. You can be assured that these brands are the best for your garage doors today and always.

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