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How can you prevent garage door break-ins?

Your garage is not just your favorite; it is the burglars’ too! Yes, the garage door is the preferred entry point used by most thieves after the front and back doors. This is the reason for most garage break-ins.

According to statistical reports, nearly 1 of every 10 home burglaries is through the garage door. And all a potential burglar needs is just a wire hanger or coat hanger to open your garage door in just 6 seconds.

This is all the more the reason why you must take steps to burglar-proof your garage. Here are some pointers from our expert garage door company to prevent garage break-ins.

Tips to save your garage from break-ins.

Mask your garage door windows with tinted film

Brazen burglars try to snoop around your home and garage in broad daylight to see if there are any valuable items to rob. Protect your garage from the roving eyes of these coward thieves by applying a layer of tinted film. This security film made of laminated polyester sticks to the garage windows and masks them, hiding the interiors from outside view.

Hide your garage door remote

With automatic garage doors being in wide use, it is now easy for thieves to enter a garage using a remote. All they have to do is search and find the remote control so that they can walk in, without any hindrance. 

Be smart and hide your garage remote in a place that even the thief cannot imagine. Not routine places like under the car seat, glove box, or floor mat. Better still, take it with you when you are away.

Install motion-sensing lights

Imagine a burglar on the prowl in the cover of night. He comes close to the garage door and lo and behold, a bunch of lights shines on him. He will be caught red-handed!

Try this brilliant idea of installing motion sensor lights to protect your garage doors at night.

Fix a protective shield for your garage door

After hearing about the “6-Second Garage Break-In”, you must know that just a wire hanger is all that is needed for a burglary attempt. All they have to do is to insert the coat hanger through the top edge of the door, get hold of its emergency release cord and pull. To prevent this, fix a protective shield like a metal plate to prevent the thief from reaching the cord.

Use a garage door opener with a timer

Nowadays,  garage door openers come with programmable timers. Use this facility to close and lock the doors automatically at night. You can even program them to be locked for periods of time when you are away. This will prevent potential burglars from trying their luck with your garage.

Set up a security system

A garage with no security system is an easy invitation to burglars. In fact, 83% of them abandon their burglary attempts on seeing a security system. Install the latest security system with alarms to protect your garage. Try the smart system with MyQ technology and battery-powered security cameras.

Do not divulge your security code to anyone

If you have a smart garage opener with a keypad, be discreet with its security code. Do not pass it around to everyone. Sharing the entry code with outside staff or unknown repair mechanics can run you high risks of burglary and break-ins.

Secure all other doors

Your garage may have several points of entry like a side door. Secure these doors with a deadbolt or fortify them with steel bars to prevent any break-in.

Use a block of wood

Your garage door with remote controls may be the smartest but it is not the safest. Remote-controlled garage doors have an emergency lever or handle to operate the door in case of a power outage. Thieves usually use this handle to open the door. Prevent this by securing the emergency over to your door using a zip tie or a block of wood. This will prevent the over from being disengaged.

Do not ignore these points on garage security. Remember, a safe garage is the first step to a safe home. Call local garage door specialists serving Fort Lauderdale to secure your garage against break-ins.

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