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What are the garage door safety measures for Florida?

Garage door safety can only be realized with adequate knowledge about functions and purpose of each part. This large movable object that provides entry and security while adding aesthetic value to your home could be a hazard if safety is not taken care of. Here are some major safety tips to be practiced regularly:

1. Routine maintenance

Routine garage door maintenance is recommended as norm for all garage owners. This should include monthly inspections. It’s advisable to involve a technician from a reputable company at least every two months while you perform it as frequently as possible. During the inspection, check the major movable parts such as the gears, cables and rollers. Ensure that they’re intact and functioning properly. Close and open the door several times using the remote and manually. If you notice any unusual noise, resistance or missing parts, contact a professional for a possible repair.

2. Teach the children about door safety

Kids are curious beings right from an early age. They learn through observation, therefore would like to use the opener in operating the door just as you do. In the process, they may cause body harm to themselves or to others. This is why the opener should always be kept away from the children. As much as we advocate on keeping the opener away from kids, the best long term safety measure is to inform children about the dangers of playing near the door or with the opener. Teach them to stay away from an open door and not placing their body parts on any movable parts or under the door.

3. Always open the door first

When removing the car from the garage, never start the car before the door is fully open. Wondering why? Cars emit dangerous gases such as a combination of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide among other gases. Should the door take longer to open due to unseen issues or fail to open, you may inhale these gases that may cause body harm or even cause death. Remember that the gas may diffuse to other parts of the house hence affecting your loved ones. Therefore, open the door then start the engine of your car.

4. Mount the pushbutton 5 feet off the floor

Pushbutton is normally mounted on the wall and can be an attraction to children especially the older ones. To ensure that the pushbutton is only accessible to adults, have it mounted at least 5 feet above the floor. In this case, ensure that every installation is done by a technician who has your safety and that of your loved ones at heart.

5. Keep your body parts off the door sections

When operating the garage door manually, you should always keep your body off the sections. Always ensure that your fingers are not near the door sections as they can get pinched and injured in the process. Instruct all the garage users and children as well not to place their fingers in between the sections as it’s dangerous. A sure solution is installing a door with panels that do not pinch. Contact us for more information.

6. Never leave the door fully or partially open

Mostly, people leave the door fully or partially open in order to air the garage. Well, this is a perfect recipe for disaster. The air circulation will be greatly improved within the garage but think about the utility bills that will be hitting the roof. Also, this gives a leeway to burglars to gain access to your home. A reliable solution is to install an insulated door for an excellent in garage air circulation without posing dangers. Call us for the insulation of an existing door or to install a new modern insulated door model.

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