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South Floridians often encounter everyday surprises to others across the country like the gator that they tend to overlook, and the garage door is no exception. It’s a dependable part of countless routines, making average life more convenient for many people – yet it often goes forgotten until you actually use it! We hope our website provides useful insight into these wondrous pieces of technology so make sure to check us out in case you have any questions about your very own garage doors.

The mighty garage door is an unsung hero in the home, silently protecting our possessions from harsh weather and intruders. Far more than a simple convenience for entering or exiting your car — with the right material choice it can even be used as a selling point when you list your house! We want to take this opportunity to bring awareness of all that these amazing doors do – they really deserve some recognition!

Here are a few facts submitted by our qualified technician you might not know about your dependable garage door!

Facts About Garage Door

Garage doors are a common feature of many homes, but there are some interesting facts about them that you may not know. Did you know that there are some fascinating facts about garage doors? Our garage door repair company specialists in Fort Lauderdale give some interesting facts about garage doors.

  • Garage – A Most Popular Entrance

Your garage door is likely one of the most active entries to your home – with over 65% of people using it more often than their traditional primary entrance! An efficient and functioning average garage door opener brings many benefits, from added convenience when pulling into the driveway after a long day at work to extra security for you and your family. So why not take advantage of all that power in your pocket today?

What does this include:

  • Making sure that the moving parts of the overhead garage door are correctly oiled
  • Keeping bolts and screws tightened
  • Sealing against wind and moisture
  • Keeping rollers in good shape
  • Tracks aren’t bent or warped
  • The garage door torsion spring is adjusted correctly

From cleaning to lubricating, the demands of door maintenance can seem endless. With consistent upkeep, however, you’ll have a dependable entryway that offers smooth operation and lasting protection! Lucky for you, one call to Eden Garage Doors Repair, and our Fort Lauderdale garage door repair service technicians can make sure everything is working correctly with one easy-to-make appointment.

  • Give Your Home A Boost With A Automatic Garage Door!

When selling a home, appearance is key – and that starts with the residential garage door! Most realtors understand this fact and advise homeowners to replace their doors for an enhanced look. After all, it’s often one of the first impressions potential buyers get when viewing a property.

Investing in a stylish, well-crafted electric garage door is an excellent choice for homeowners looking to reap great returns on their investment. Not only could it be the deciding factor between whether or not your home sells faster than your neighbor’s, but also can potentially increases its value when listing time comes around – especially if you live somewhere with colder climates!

  • The First Modern Garage Door – In 1921

A century ago, C.G. Johnson revolutionized the world of simple garage doors with his invention — a revolutionary upward-acting commercial door that changed car storage and transportation forever! The 1920s roared in more than just music; it was also an era of innovation and change within our everyday lives.

  • A Total Workhorse

When it comes to your detached garage door, wear and tear can add up quickly—often opening and closing over 1,500 times annually. To ensure the safety of you and your family, regular maintenance is essential! Contact our garage door technician right away if any issues occur – we’re here for all your needs.

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It’s easy to take the modern garage door for granted. It only has two functions—opening and closing. Our home’s entrance and curb appeal could be the deciding factor for potential buyers. More than that, these two functions represent a much deeper connection to our homes: security and comfort.

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