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5 Best Ways to Heat Your Garage 

The winter months are extremely cold and freezing. Most of us take ample precautions to protect ourselves and our homes from the cold winter. But, what about the garage doors? Even if you do not use the garage often, heating is a must to prevent common types of garage door issues during winter.

How can winter affect a garage? What are the problems that a garage can face during winter? Does a cold garage need heating? How do the quick heating of your garage? Let us find some answers with the help of our reliable garage door repair company specialist in Fort Lauderdale.

Garage Heating Tips For The Winter

Your garage door needs heating as its cold temperatures might cause the car engine, radiator, or pipes to freeze. Above all, a cold garage can cause the internal temperature of your home to dip, especially if the garage door is attached to the home. To prevent such problems from cropping up during the colder months, it is best to heat the garage using the following tips.

1. Insulate Your Garage

The first step towards the winter protection of your garage door is to insulate it or strengthen its existing insulation. The insulation is in the form of a weather seal made of polystyrene or Polyurethane foam. This weather stripping helps in keeping the moisture and rodents out.

Garage door insulation kit helps in not only maintain a warm garage but also reduces your energy bills too. Installing a thick layer of garage insulation is the easiest way to heat your garage doors. But, it will not work if your area has freezing temperatures below zero for most of the time in winter.

2. Use a Combustion Space Heater

A combustion heater uses fuel like propane or kerosene to heat the garage. The advantage of using this type of heater is that, unlike an electric heater, it can heat up the entire garage even during a power outage. The combustion-type heater makes a lot of noise and might emit a bad odor. That is why these propane heaters need air vents to dispel the vapors.

Today, you can use natural gas heaters in your garage without needing to install vents. The Dyna Glo Delux is one such vent-free, wall-mounted natural gas heater.

3. Fix an Electric Space Heater

A space heater is a bigger version of the one you use in your bedroom. It can be fitted anywhere, on the wall or ceiling. It can take longer to heat up the garage floor space. It is also less effective in an uninsulated garage door. Electric heaters might also add to your power bills.

4. Deploy a Ductless Mini-Split System

A ductless mini-split system consists of a compressor fitted on the exterior and an air handling unit inside the room. Connected by a conduit, the mini-split unit runs on electricity.

If you want to use your garage as an additional room, choose this affordable option. Many new models of ductless mini-split systems come with remote control and are easy to use. The unit can be fitted anywhere- the floor, the garage wall, or even the ceiling. This mini-split system can also act as a cooling unit for warmer months.

The downside of this system is the cost of its installation is high and the heating may not be enough.

5. Try Radiant Heaters or Infrared heaters

Radiant heat uses infrared radiation to keep your garage warm. Here, the heating system is installed under the floor panels or the ceiling of the garage.

Whenever you think of equipping your garage door for the cold weather, consult an expert garage door company. They can suggest the right heaters for garages- be it an electric garage heater, a propane heater, a ceramic heater, a convection heater, or a radiant heater. You need their help in deciding the capacity of the heater as its heating capacity depends on the garage size in terms of square footage or cubic feet of space it heats. They will help you with the heat settings and air temperature controls of the heater.

Create a comfortable temperature within your garage during the winter by heating it using the above steps. The garage heater you choose must be a portable heater or compact size with built-in safety features and energy efficiency. Choose an energy-efficient heater for your garage with the help of a Fort Lauderdale garage door repair professional and get it installed at low installation costs.

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