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5 Questions To Ask a Garage Door Repair Miramar FL Company Before Hiring

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Is your garage door not working properly? Do you think it is time to call a garage door repair Miramar FL company to get the door repaired? If you have not hired a garage door repair company before, you shouldn’t fall prey to some of the attractive offers that many companies provide to first-time customers. It will be wise to do a few background checks and ask the company some questions before hiring them. So, here are some of the questions that you need to ask:

1. Is the company licensed and the technicians certified?

There are many companies that are not licensed and they claim to offer the best garage door repair service to customers. It will be wise not to opt for the services of such a company even if they are experienced enough. You should always ask the company about their license and the year they got the license. In addition to the license of the company, it is also important to see if the technicians are certified or not. This means that the technicians have attended a garage door repairing course before they have started working.

2. What are the available payment options?

This may not seem to be a big issue but it is important to clarify the payment mode before hiring the company. Ideally, there should be several payment modes such as payment by debit or credit card or cash or cheque or bank transfers. Sometimes, you fall short of cash when the technicians come. You can arrange for a flexible payment option before you hire the technicians.

3. Will the company offer a warranty?

Most of the companies that provide garage door repairs offer a specific warranty period for their services. However, it also depends on what service you are opting for. A change in the garage door spring will not give you a year-long warranty. But if you got the rollers changed or the track repaired, the company should provide a warranty for the services they have provided. You can go through the list of garage door services of the company that comes under the warranty period.

4. What are the feedbacks of previous customers?

Although you may ask this directly to the company, it will be more effective if you see the customer review section on the website of the company. There will be honest comments about how the customers felt after opting for the services of the respective garage door repair company that you are planning to hire.

5. What are the different brands that the company works with?

When a part of the garage door needs to be replaced completely, you would want the new part to be branded. That is why it is important to ask the company about the different brand of products that they use when it comes to replacing one or multiple parts.

It is always better to be safe rather than be sorry later. These questions should be asked right after you shortlist a few Fort Lauderdale garage door repair companies so that you can trust the company and hire them whenever there is something wrong with your garage door.