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Garage door weather seal types

Garage door weather seals provide protection from water, bugs and leaves by blocking them. Basically, they’re pieces of rubber mounted on the sides and the bottom of the door. They can be installed as one of preventive maintenance measure. Weather seals are necessary especially during the winter season as they help in keeping the water off that would become ice making the door to become stuck.  Common types include:

  • Vinyl door stops

Vinyl stops are designed to be fixed on the side of the door. They are mounted on the wood using nails hence providing water tight protection.

  • Bottom seal

As the name suggests, they’re typically installed at the bottom part of the door to keep it clean. The single channel retainers prevent the debris from entering on one side while the double retainer provides protection on two sides. Four main types include:

1. J-types- They provide two sided protection in form of letter “J” on both sides hence preventing water from entering.

2. T-types- It’s used with single retainers and it’s the inverted type making a formation of letter “T”.

3. Bulb- They’re long tubes with round formation and narrows at the top. They’re commonly used with single channel retainers that allow the seal to push upwards.

4. Beaded- They’re designed for double channel retainers with both sides of the trip bent upwards to fit well into the groove which is circular in shape. Protection is provided by the beads that block the water from entering through the seal.

  • Threshold seal

This is rated as the best weather seal by the majority of garage users. They have a hard rubber that is fixed directly on the floor. When combined with the seal, they elevate the floor of the garage hence preventing the water and debris from entering. They are heavy duty in nature to withstand the weight of the car.

  • Brush seal

They are designed like a brush and best used to protect the doors that flex and bend. They’re installed on the sides of garage and perform better than others on that position.

  • Reverse Angle Mount seal

They work on the side of the door just like the vinyl and brush seals. They’re made using hard plastic rubber that is designed to provide a track through which the door runs through. They fit around the door making a “U” formation. They’re best for steel doors that make use of screws. Contact Eden Garage Doors for a quality weather seal installation.

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