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Garage door springs are tiny parts that carry the massive weight of the entire garage door. The tension in the springs bears the entire weight of the door. So, if one spring snaps, the entire door collapses. That is why you must not take any chances with a garage door spring.

A broken garage door spring can cause the door to come crashing down suddenly. This is dangerous as it can cause severe damage to life or limb. Not only this, broken springs can upset the balance of the door or leave it partially open or closed midway. This is of extreme danger when kids are around. Never take such chances or risks with broken garage springs. Call an expert technician for garage door spring replacement.

Type of springs of a garage door

A garage door can use 2 types of springs- torsion springs and extension springs.

Torsion springs

Torsion springs are placed horizontally on a metal shaft or torsion bar above the door opening. Cable drums attached to the torsion bars use the torsion in the springs to lift the door using pulleys.

These springs wind and unwind to close and open the door. The energy stored in the twisted spring is released to open the door. Since these springs are highly taut and work under extreme pressure, it is highly dangerous to replace them on your own. Only an experienced garage door expert can do this job without any safety risk.

The number of torsion springs used depends on the weight and dimensions of the garage door. A garage door can have anywhere between 1 and 4 springs. If you add extra weight by fitting a garage door opener, lights, etc, you must increase the number of springs accordingly to balance the weight of the door.

Also, there are different types of torsion springs-namely standard, early-set, torque master, or steel rolling door springs. Only garage professionals with experience handling projects can suggest to you the type of spring to use for your door.

Extension springs

You can find extension springs on either side of the door. They run vertically in parallel to the garage door tracks. They also use pulleys and safety cables to operate the door.

Extension springs extend and contract to open and close the door. They are always used with safety cables to avoid risks.

Although it is easier to replace extension springs, this should never be done without the assistance of garage experts.

Extension springs are also of various types- open looped, double looped, and clipped end extension springs. Depending on the weight of your door, your garage door expert will advise you on which type of extension spring to use.


Calling a professional garage door company is a must for garage door spring repair

Garage door spring replacement or repair is not child’s play. It requires the skill and expertise of experienced garage door professionals due to the following reasons.

  • The average lifecycle of a garage spring is 10,000 life cycles. If your spring breaks before this, it could be due to frequent wear and tear or improper selection of the spring. The number of springs and their quality determine their lifespan. This is where a garage door technician can offer his valuable guidance in selecting the right type of garage spring.
  • The type of garage spring to be used also depends on the nature of their use. Commercial garage doors need heavy-duty springs that can withstand rough and repetitive use. Steel rolling door torsion springs are the ideal choice for commercial and industrial garage doors. Similarly, clipped-end extension springs are best if the weight of the door exceeds 200 lbs.
  • Sometimes, the additional parts that support the garage springs might get damaged. For instance, in torque master torsion springs, it is the winding cone that suffers damage during repeated use. Only seasoned garage door repairmen can detect this.
  • When a garage door spring snaps, there is no time to waste. Call an emergency garage specialist at once before any grave injury or damage occurs. This is why you always need the services of a 24-hour emergency garage door service company for any type of spring repair.
  • Be it a single door or double garage door, a rolling door, or a sectional garage door, every type of garage door has a spring. If you want this spring to be replaced with extreme caution and the least damage to your door or person, call the experts.
  • Garage springs can rust due to exposure to moisture. This causes them to break easily. Having professional experts do an annual garage tune-up and a check will help in their timely maintenance.
  • Garage door spring replacement costs are usually negligible. But if you neglect the springs, you might have to replace the entire door and this cost will be sky-high. Be wise and invest in affordable garage spring replacement before you lose your door.

Broken Garage door springs can ruin the life expectancy of a strong garage door. Attend to them without delay by hiring a professional garage door repair specialist from Eden Garage Doors.

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