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Top Garage Door Brands

If you are thinking of installing a new garage door, always go for the best. To get the best, you must first know what is best. So, first, try to make a list of the top garage door brands. This will help you decide which brand suits you in style, budget, and performance.

What are the top garage door brands?

When you decide to fix a new garage door, you will choose it based on many Features. Some of these are material, quality, style, budget, etc. But whichever brand you choose, you intend to use it for a long time – at least more than 7 years.

Here a list of the leading garage door brands that can vouch for their long life and trouble-free performance.

1. Amaar

Amaar is one of the largest garage door manufacturers in both the U.S. and Canada. They have been around since 1951. 

Amaar specializes in traditional and carriage-type garage doors. They deal with specialty doors as well. Ammar has a wide range of options in garage doors like rolling steel, rolling sheet, or sectional doors.

Amaar focuses on noise reduction and insulation for their garage doors. Most of their garage doors come with automated garage door openers. Almost all Amaar doors come with a lifetime warranty.

2. Clopay

Clopay is another household name for garage doors in the U.S. They have been around since 1964. Clopay’s range of options for garage doors is endless. They have 13 residential and 6 commercial garage door series for you to choose from.

Clopay claims to be the largest manufacturer of residential garage doors in the U.S. They were featured among The Top 100 products in Pro-Modeler’s 2017 list. 

Clopay believes in the concept of green building. They use wood, glass, aluminum, and steel for building their garage doors. Almost all Clopay garage doors come with a 1-year installation warranty.

3. Raynor

Raynor has been a common name for garage doors in the Us.s. since 1944. They specialize in steel and aluminum garage doors. Their doors are available in 1800 Opti-Finish colors. You can choose the color of your Raynor garage door from its app.

Raynor is famous for its residential garage door varieties. Its most sought-after varieties are Pan door, Polyurethane, and Polystyrene insulated garage doors.

Among Raynor’s commercial varieties are agricultural, fire, sectional, rolling, and high-speed fabric models. Most of Raynor’s garage doors come with a warranty.

4. C.H.I Overhead Garage Doors

Founded in 1981, C.H.I stands for quality and performance. The C.H.I.brand is famous for its aluminum design with a full view. This modern design of C.H.I doors is seen in almost storefronts, boutiques, and malls. 

The C.H.I ribbed steel collection is the right choice for garage doors in storage and sheds. Their Insulated Sandwich doors are the best for all commercial buildings and essential service buildings like ambulance stations and fire stations.

5. The Overhead Door

The Overhead Door is a brand that has the widest range for garage doors. It has 11 commercial and 18 residential series. They make doors of different materials like steel, wood, glass, fiberglass, vinyl, and aluminum. Headquartered on the East coast, they offer you 24×7 maintenance and repair services for your garage doors. 

The Red Ribbon logo of the Overhead Door Company has been around for nearly 100 years. This makes it a trusted brand for garage doors.

When it comes to garage door brands, look for not just the name. Look at other factors like their range and quality of materials, spare parts availability, ease of installation, etc. Also, check if they offer a warranty and ready service for their garage doors. When it comes to performance, look for insulation and noise reduction.

All the above brands satisfy the above criteria and can hence be called the top garage door brands in the U.S.

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