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How To Avoid Garage Door Repair Scam – Tips

It’s crucial to get your garage door adjusted as soon as it breaks. This goes a long way in preventing common door scams hence keeping your home well secured. The adjustment processes begins with the identification of a trusted company of experts that can get the issue fixed the same day they’re called. This brings about convenience to the garage users and reliability to the company due to effective execution of the repair tasks given.

Current technology makes it possible for the garage door repairs to be present online. Therefore, it’s easy to locate and contact the provider of choice. However, it’s important to negotiate and select the provider with the fair service charges. It’s pointless for the provider to overcharge the price of the spare parts and repair fees just because they show up first on the major search indexes. Sadly, overcharging is rampant in urban areas especially in case of call for emergency repair and replacement services. 

Garage door industry associations have come up with audio-visuals that inform and educate homeowners on how to spot scam.

Scams in Emergency Garage Door Repair

It’s important to know that:

  • Garage door scammers target garage owners who require emergency repair and replacement services.
  • They arrive on site only to perform unnecessary repairs without the right replacement parts. Despite of the shoddy job done, their charges hit the roof.
  • Garage owners with inadequate knowledge on common door issues, parts and services become a soft target for the scammers.

Common Garage Door Problems

*Garage door won’t close completely

A broken, misaligned or obstructed photo eye causes the door not to close all the way. This can be fixed by readjusting the photo till when the light is no longer blinking. If the photo eye is broken, a professional should be contracted for a replacement.

*A broken spring

A broken spring is detected through observing if there’re any gaps in between the coils. The presence of gaps is an indication that the springs are broken hence need for an urgent replacement. Here, you’ll need the assistance of a technician as springs are dangerous to handle due to intense pressure. If the door has two springs, both should be replaced simultaneously even if only one is broken.

*Broken garage door remote

A door remote may fail to function if the battery runs out. In this case, you may just have to have it replaced. If the battery is not the cause of the problem, then you’ll need to contact a technician to fix it.

*Noisy garage door

Lack of lubrication may make the door to be noisy while opening and closing. This is because of the friction that occurs on the movable parts. To prevent and fix this, apply the lubricant on the rollers, pivots and springs. If you notice rattling and shaking of the door after lubrication, call a reliable service man to fix the problem.

Ways to Spot Garage Door Repair Scam

*Use of multiple names

Door repair scammers use multiple names and in some cases generic ones. In some cases, unclear names are used. It’s important to verify the existence of a dealer before hiring them for the job. Check whether the dealer’s name is consistent in various websites and advertising platforms.

*Lack of legitimate showrooms

Garage door repair scammers lack a legitimate showroom which is a necessity for all the service providers. To verify whether the target service provider has a showroom, go to Google Maps for a physical business location.

*Different fees on the quotes

Scammers place a low fee for their garage door services only to hike them once you’ve hired them. Therefore, ask for a quote before engaging a certain provider.

*Asking for extra parts

Some scammers will ask for unnecessary parts replacement or hike prices for the parts. In this case, always discuss with the provider in order to justify the need for the parts replacement. Ensure that you get a quote from other two providers to ascertain the price of parts and their replacement fees.

Avoid garage door scam by following the tips below:

  • Call the company before hiring them and listen to the name of the company to see whether it matches with the name provided on the website or advertisement platform. If the person on the other end has issues pronouncing the company’s name, contact another company.
  • Ask for the garage door company’s physical address and check whether it matches with the one provided on the website. If not, then do not risk, go for another provider.

To keep away from scam, contact Eden Garage Doors dealers for reliable, quality and trustworthy repair, replacement and installation services.

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