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How Can You Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal With A New Garage Door?

The exterior of your home is one thing that sets it apart from all others. It’s an essential part of determining how successful you will be selling or renting out this outdoor space, so make sure to take care of what goes on outside! When improving curb appeal for potential buyers you should also think about updating the garage door.

However, the garage door can be one of those prominent features that are often overlooked when designing or renovating a home. With how prominent they stick out from your house and take up so much outdoor space it’s no wonder people forget about them! What if we took this common, typically unimpressive exterior feature and made it an eye-catching aspect? This would make your home shine!

Homeowners can change the look of their garage doors by making a wide variety of changes. Whether you are selling your house or working on an improvement project, here are some tips by Fort Lauderdale garage door repair experts on how to improve curb appeal with a fresh coat of paint and some fresh hardware!

Updating Garage Curb Appeal

When you are looking to revamp the look of your garage, an upgrade may not be enough. Sometimes it’s best just to start over and do everything all at once! Installing a new garage door is the perfect way to give your home an updated look, and it will also help protect you from all of those harsh elements that are constantly trying their best not only to reach into but tear up homes. The returns on investment for replacing a garage door is one of the wise investments you can make.

The right garage door will add visual appeal and style to your home, so choose one with an exterior design that complements it. Additionally, consider how well they match up against other features on-site like windows or siding before making any decisions! Garage doors are a great way to create an aesthetic for your home. If you have any future plans of implementing a variety of materials in other areas, make sure they reflect the same style and theme as what is found on these garage door panels! Give your garage door a fresh, new look with these five easy-to-install accessories. Choose from among many garage door options that are sure to spice up any decorating scheme in no time at all!

Vertical Lines or Patterns: Give your current garage a new look by installing vertical beams, ridges, or patterns.

Horizontal Relief Designs: The piano inaction of the horizontal relief patterns gives your garage door a subtle, classy look while still adding interest.

Windows: There are many common types of garage door designs. One of the most popular types and stylish options is incorporating windows into it that support you with natural light.

Crossbeams: Want to add some farmhouse-style garage door installation? Crossbeams are the perfect choice for creating that authentic look.

Hurricane Rated: Hurricane-rated doors are a great investment for your home. Not only do they improve curb appeal and increase security features, but you can also save on insurance premiums by installing one!

Accessorizing to Add Garage Curb Appeal

When you’re looking for a way to give your residential garage door that personal touch, consider adding accessories and paint colors. A great idea is to paint it with one of our many vibrant options! The garage door is a great way to bring some curb appeal and safety into your home, but it’s also one of the most popular points for customization. You can change up colors or patterns on handles with different styles while still keeping its classic look by adding side arrows in certain designs!

Upgrade the garage door with some classic options like potted plants or topiaries on either side of it for that perfect finishing touch to any space in need of renovation. Have you considered adding greenery to your home? A few plants can add a lot of life and color. Just make sure they’re the right kind for where it is that you plan on putting them! Incorporating architectural styles like trellises, trim and porticos can make your garage even more beautiful. You should also consider stonework in the walls or driveway for an amazing design that will last forever!

Thinking about the selection of garage door styles? Our garage door repair experts in Fort Lauderdale from Eden Garage Doors can help you improve your garage door’s curb appeal. Our team at Eden is always ready to help you with garage door repairs, installation, and all other services.

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