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How To Choose the Best Garage Door Color?

Are you tired of the same old garage door color? Wondering how to choose the best one for your home? Look no further! In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of selecting the perfect garage door color to enhance your curb appeal and make your home stand out. Selecting the right accent color … Read more

Garage Door Facts

Interesting Insights About Garage Doors

South Floridians often encounter everyday surprises to others across the country like the gator that they tend to overlook, and the garage door is no exception. It’s a dependable part of countless routines, making average life more convenient for many people – yet it often goes forgotten until you actually use it! We hope our … Read more

Seven Garage Door Safety Tips You Should Know

Essential Safety Tips for Your Garage Door

Your home’s garage is an important area of your home, not just in terms of convenience but also in terms of security. It’s especially vulnerable to wind, water, and theft damage. It’s where you store important projects, your car, and entry into your home. That’s why it’s essential to maintain your detached garage door and … Read more

7 Benefits Of Getting A New Garage Door

Benefits of Getting a New Garage Doors

The high-quality garage door is an essential part of your home that you use every day. From opening and closing it with a garage door opener to cleaning its garage door tracks, this useful appliance has many functions – which maintain the curb appeal of the home and peace of mind. A new garage door … Read more

4 Reasons Not To Repair Your Own Garage Door

4 Reasons Not to Repair Your Own Garage Door

It is good to believe in yourself and be confident. Yet, overconfidence can get you into trouble. Like trying to repair the garage door systems on your own. This will land you in a lot of trouble or worse, a broken garage entailing a costly replacement. You are no qualified garage door expert to know … Read more

How Much Wind Can Your Garage Door Handle?

Eden Garage Doors Repair - Garage Door Maintenance

There is always talk about sun and rain. But, what about the wind? Did you know that wind speeds can affect your garage door?  Be it strong winds or occasional hurricanes, all types of wind events can cause structural damage to your garage door. Even a three-second gust can bring a body of water and … Read more

Tips for Garage Door Weatherstripping

Eden Garage Doors Repair - Garage Door Weatherstripping

Weather changes affect not just humans but garage doors too. Extreme weather conditions like scorching summers or freezing winters can harm your door. This is why you must weather seal your garage door. Here is where garage door weatherstripping steps in, as explained by our garage specialists. Garage door weatherstripping  Lining your garage door with … Read more