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Tips for Garage Door Weatherstripping

Eden Garage Doors Repair - Garage Door Weatherstripping

Weather changes affect not just humans but garage doors too. Extreme weather conditions like scorching summers or freezing winters can harm your door. This is why you must weather seal your garage door. Here is where garage door weatherstripping steps in, as explained by our garage specialists. Garage door weatherstripping  Lining your garage door with … Read more

How can you prevent garage door break-ins?

Eden Garage Doors Repair - Prevent Garage Door Break-Ins

Your garage is not just your favorite; it is the burglars’ too! Yes, the garage door is the preferred entry point used by most thieves after the front and back doors. This is the reason for most garage break-ins. According to statistical reports, nearly 1 of every 10 home burglaries is through the garage door. … Read more

Top Garage Door Brands

Eden Garage Doors Repair - Garage Door Brands

If you are thinking of installing a new garage door, always go for the best. To get the best, you must first know what is best. So, first, try to make a list of the top garage door brands. This will help you decide which brand suits you in style, budget, and performance. What are … Read more

Off-Track Garage Door Repair

Is your garage door dragging to one side when you raise or lower it? Or making a screeching noise? Are the nylon rollers popping out?  Are the tracks bent or warped? If you see any of these signs, your garage door must have come off track. The garage door off-track problem is critical and often … Read more

Top Garage Door Brands (Part 2)

Everyone wants the best for all that they own. And that includes the best for your vehicle and garage. To have the best garage, you must fix the best garage door. To find out which one is best, check out this list of top garage door brands. List of Top Garage Door Brands Many of … Read more