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4 Reasons Not To Repair Your Own Garage Door

It is good to believe in yourself and be confident. Yet, overconfidence can get you into trouble. Like trying to repair the garage door systems on your own. This will land you in a lot of trouble or worse, a broken garage entailing a costly replacement.

You are no qualified garage door expert to know the magnitude of the garage issue. As an untrained person, you could make matters worse. That is why it is best to call an experienced technician for garage door services.

If you still insist on doing the garage door repair by yourself, first take a look at the reasons listed below by our Garage door repair specialist in Fort Lauderdale. This will give you a fair idea of why self-garage door repair is not at all advisable.

4 common reasons to avoid doing your own garage door repair

Great danger due to torsion springs

Repairing torsion springs

The most common issue with garage doors is spring repair. Yet, it is the most dangerous and capable of causing serious personal injury.

Most people think that garage springs are small. So, they can be easily replaced by them on their own, without calling a garage door repair company. However, it is not so. Garage door springs may be small but they support the entire weight of the door up to 500 pounds. If the springs are broken, the door might collapse suddenly crashing on you at any time.

When you try to repair the broken springs, you do not have the right equipment nor do you have professional knowledge. The springs release the tension all at once and may cause the door to crash at any time, without warning. This can cause grave injury to you.

If you call an experienced professional to do the repair, he will take the necessary precautions and use the proper tools for the job. They know how to release the tension gently using specialty tools. This will eliminate the risk of injury to anyone.

Nearly 2000 people are injured in the United States each year while attempting to repair garage cables and springs. Do not be one of them by attempting this DIY garage spring repair and risking your limb or life.

Replacing or installing the wrong springs

To a lay person, all garage springs look the same but it is not so. The 2 types called torsion and extension springs come in different sizes and measurements. The diameter, strength, and weight of the springs matter.

If you attempt a DIY spring repair without the essential tools and thereby using the wrong tools and replace the wrong springs, the harm is done. The springs will wear out quickly due to extreme tension.

The next factor to note is the proper installation of the springs. You must calibrate the springs carefully to ensure that the door opens in a smooth manner. A wrong calibration or improper installation will lead to jerky movements of the door. This will damage the garage door tracks and even the door itself. This will only end up in expensive repair costs for you.

A reputable garage door technician is professionally trained and knows to calibrate and install the right springs for your door.

Loss of time

A professional garage repair service expert knows what exactly is wrong with your light or heavy garage door in minutes, but not you. You only know that the door does not open or close but not what is wrong with it.

Your door does not operate well due to many reasons. It could be the faulty garage door opener, damaged safety sensors, misaligned tracks, frayed cables, etc.

Due to the lack of proper knowledge, you might end up spending hours trying to identify without knowing what is wrong.

Major damage and costly repairs

Most people think calling a garage door company will burn a hole in their pocket. What they fail to realize is that the labor costs companies charge are proportional to the repair services they render. So for simple repairs, the charges will be minimal.

Not understanding this fact, some of us try repairing the garage door on our own and end up causing major damage. This will only end up paying additional costs for the extra damage.

Instead, calling a garage door professional will only reduce the damage and costs.

Prevent repeated repairs

Garage door issues are better nipped off in the bud by calling a garage door repairman. Instead, if you try doing them on your own, the issue will not be resolved and might recur again.

Repetitive repairs affect the curb appeal and performance of the garage door. So, call a professional repair expert for your complete garage maintenance from time to time. This will save time, money, and effort, and also avoid damage to the door due to frequent repairs.

It is always best to leave garage door repair and replacement to garage door repair experts in Fort Lauderdale. Repairing the garage door on your own is a bad idea that you should avoid at all costs to save your door, money, and your life.

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