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4 Easy Garage Storage Solutions

Ideally, your garage is a space meant for parking vehicles. Yet, you can make optimum use of the garage space in many ways. You can use it as a family hangout space, a recreational den, or a sports room. To do this, you must use every bit of space for organizing the area well.

Garage space organization needs ample storage to fit in all the equipment, tools, and gear. This leaves the garage floor free and the garage walls well utilized.

Although there are plenty of garage storage systems on the market, you need to have some storage ideas before you buy one. Let us look at some storage solutions suggested by garage door repair specialists in Fort Lauderdale for your garage. But before that, let us learn some facts about garage storage.

Reasons to use garage storage systems

  • If you organize the garage space, you can use the garage as a separate workspace or play area
  • Maximum utilization of garage space.
  • Even with the usage of wall space in the garage, its floors are free to park the vehicles.
  • Unused items can be stowed in the garage for later use.
  • Your home remains clutter-free if you use the garage for extra storage
  • Garage storage systems help you to keep things in their designated places

Items that you can store in your garage

Your garage space is ideal to store a wide range of items like

  • Sports Equipment/ Sports gear– Mountain bikes, fishing rods, ski poles, balls, bats, tennis racquets, golf clubs, etc
  • Gym equipment– Treadmills, Dumbbells, Bench Press, Yoga mats, etc
  • Gardening tools– Lawn tools, Rakes, Shovels, gardening shears, etc.
  • Cleaning supplies & tools- Mops, Broom Broom poles. Trash bins, etc
  • Office Supplies– Printer rolls, Printer Inks, Cartridges, Files, etc
  • Car supplies– Tires, Air pumps, Wiper Fluids, Car mats, Engine Oil, Car Wash Liquid, etc
  • Batteries– Car and Home Batteries for backup
  • Shoes– Hiking Shoes, Gym Shoes, Biking Shoes, Football Cleats, Ski boots, etc
  • Utilities– Paint Cans & Brushes, Rubber Hoses, Drywall Anchors, etc.

Easy and efficient garage storage solutions

Overhead storage

Usually, people try to use the walls and floor of a garage for storage. They fit shelves and racks on walls or line-up cabinets that occupy the floor space. What about the ceiling space then? Why waste this expanse? That is where the overhead storage idea comes in.

To use up the overhead space, lofts and ceiling storage racks are ideal. These are best for storing sporting equipment, camping gear, golf bags, etc. You can also stow car roof racks, carpets, holiday and Christmas decorations, etc on overhead racks.

Garage storage cabinets and Garage shelving

Cabinets and shelves are the best for maximum use of storage space. The cabinets can be floor or wall-mounted. The shelves can be wall shelves, corner shelves, etc.

You can store cleaning supplies, gardening supplies, office supplies, etc in garage cabinets and shelves. These cabinets or shelves can be open or fitted with doors to be closed.

The best feature of wall-mounted garage cabinets and shelves is that they give an organized and neat appearance.

Wall racks

Wall-mounted racks are best for using up the entire wall of the garage. Vertical racks use the vertical space to the maximum and are best to store tall or long items vertically. You can store long-handled tools, a bunch of brooms, and broom poles, in vertical wall racks. Horizontal racks can do well for storing fishing rods, tent poles, and bulky tools like power tools, etc.

Pegboards And Hooks

You can use pegboards and hooks to hang items thereby freeing the floor space. Even heavy items can be hung on hooks and pegs provided you get them of sturdy material. Metal pegs are available in hardboard peg boards or plastic pegboards. These can be used to hang ropes, wires, nets, racquets, etc. You can even use a pegboard as a broom holder to hang your mops, brooms, etc. Or to even hang gardening tools like shovels and rakes.

You can use sturdy metal hooks as Bike hooks to hang even bikes to the wall

Tips for choosing the right garage storage system

  • Storage systems must help in keeping items at their designated places.
  • The storage organization should be compact and space-saving.
  • They should allot space for small and larger items according to their size, without wasting space.
  • The storage system must make effective use of both vertical space and horizontal space.
  • The storage solution should make use of the garage ceiling, floor, and walls for organization

Use the above garage storage ideas given by our Fort Lauderdale garage door repair experts to organize your garage. Refer to such a garage organization planning guide and save storage space.

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