How Much Wind Can Your Garage Door Handle?

There is always talk about sun and rain. But, what about the wind? Did you know that wind speeds can affect your garage door?  Be it strong winds or occasional hurricanes, all types of wind events can cause structural damage to your garage door. Even a three-second gust can bring a body of water and … Read more

5 Best Ways to Heat Your Garage 

The winter months are extremely cold and freezing. Most of us take ample precautions to protect ourselves and our homes from the cold winter. But, what about the garage? Even if you do not use the garage often, heating is a must to prevent garage issues during winter. How can winter affect a garage? What … Read more

Tips for Garage Door Weatherstripping

Weather changes affect not just humans but garage doors too. Extreme weather conditions like scorching summers or freezing winters can harm your door. This is why you must weather seal your garage door. Here is where garage door weatherstripping steps in, as explained by our garage specialists. Garage door weatherstripping  Lining your garage door with … Read more

How can you prevent garage door break-ins?

Your garage is not just your favorite; it is the burglars’ too! Yes, the garage door is the preferred entry point used by most thieves after the front and back doors. This is the reason for most garage break-ins. According to statistical reports, nearly 1 of every 10 home burglaries is through the garage door. … Read more

Winter-Proofing your Garage and its Benefits

Of all the seasons, it is winter that affects us the most with its extremely cold weather. Not just us but also our garage. Everything from the garage floor to the garage walls is affected. Due to the cold temperatures, moisture seeps into the garage spaces and ruins the electrical outlets, water pipes, air inlets, … Read more

Top Garage Door Brands

If you are thinking of installing a new garage door, always go for the best. To get the best, you must first know what is best. So, first, try to make a list of the top garage door brands. This will help you decide which brand suits you in style, budget, and performance. What are … Read more

How much will a garage door tune-up cost?

Homeowners think of a garage door tune-up only when they are doing a house makeover or moving into a new one. Then, the first question that pops up in your mind is “How much would it cost for a new garage door installation? Then you start thinking about whether it would be cheaper to do … Read more

How to Choose the Right Garage Door Opener

A garage door opener is the main security feature of your garage door. It not only provides access but also limits entry into your home. So, a door opener is a must for any garage. Now having said this, what type of garage door opener should one buy? Use these pointers to buy the right … Read more